Welcome to our Affiliate Programme

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Movement for Modern Life is revolutionising Online Yoga and Wellbeing.  We believe that yoga is a fantastic way of moving forwards, backwards, sideways, every way. If you move every way, every day, you will feel more, you breathe deeper, you live more consciously. We bring the best yoga teachers and studios from the UK and beyond to your laptop, your living room, your phones and tablets. We only work with the best studios and teachers in the UK and film all the videos ourselves, all our videos are homemade in the UK by a yoga teacher and award-winning documentary maker. Not only that, but we believe that movement is a tool-kit for dealing with the challenges of life ”“ we categorise our videos into the benefits you will receive from them. Need yoga for your bad back and shoulders? Or want to sleep better? Need a little something for your stress/anxiety? Want something energising for the morning? We got it!

This is Movement made easy.

What is an Affiliate Programme?

Our affiliate (referral) programme lets you earn extra money by referring friends and followers via your blog, website, emails or social media.  When you join our programme, every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale as a thank you. If you agree to our terms and conditions you can sign up for our affiliate programme by clicking here!

How does this work?

As a new affiliate you will start by earning 20% of our revenue in commission. The more of your friends who follow your links and make a purchase, the more you will get paid.

How does commission work?

We'll help you spread the word by giving you links and tracing who clicks.  All you have to do is share the links wherever you can! When your followers click through, their connection to you is recorded on a 30-day cookie.  If they go ahead and purchase a subscription within 30 days you will receive a percentage of the subscription.  Even if your customer goes away and comes back to the site directly, the cookie will still trace your friend and credit you with the lead. 

How does the tracking work?

The tracking is looked after by LeadDyno.  This software tracks visitors, leads, purchases and commissions.  As an affiliate you get your own secure online dashboard where you can see exactly how many of your friends have visited, signed up or made purchases and how much commission is coming your way!

Where do I get the links?

Your LeadDyno dashboard is the place to find all your marketing materials.  We provide a selection of simple text links and beautiful banners plus regularly updated posts to share on social media.  There is even an email template that you can personalise and share with anyone in your address book.

How will I get paid?

We pay affiliates once a month directly into your PayPal account.  You can check upcoming commissions on your LeadDyno dashboard. The email you use to sign up with us is the same email Paypal will send payments to, so be sure to contact us at namaste@movementformodernlife.com if your Paypal email is different from your sign up email.

How do I sign up?

It is quick and easy to join.  All you need is an email address and a Paypal account.  Have a read of our our terms and conditions and if you agree to them fill out this simple form here!

Any other questions?

Our friendly affiliate programme manager is always happy to help with any further questions: namaste@movementformodernlife.com