FREE Online Yoga Class: For Anxiety and Exhaustion During Menopause


Live Online Yoga Class for Menopause with Gabriella Espinosa

24th October 2023 – 7pm BST

Anxiety and Exhaustion are some of the most common features of the menopause. These are symptoms that so many of us struggle with and can be really debilitating in our day to day lives.

Join Gabriella‘s Live Class to learn how yoga can be a key tool in your toolkit for helping to manage anxiety, exhaustion, sleeplessness and overwhelm during menopause.

What to expect:

  • You’ll learn yoga poses that you can practice every day
  • Gain techniques to help you manage your symptoms.
  • Engage in somatic practices to soothe and regulate your nervous system

Who is this for (everyone..!):

  • Everyone in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause
  • Everyone who would like to be an ally to those in menopause who would like to find out the tools and techniques to help alleviate symptoms
  • This class is suitable for all levels of mobility and experience

You can read more about Yoga for menopause and the benefits of yoga and breath work during menopause in the MFML Complete Guide to Yoga for Menopause

Read more about yoga for stress and anxiety in this complete guide


This class is entirely FREE to join.

You are, however, encouraged to make a donation to the Menopause Charity who do excellent work in supporting and researching this key area of women’s health. You’ll be sent a link to contribute in our follow up email. 

The Menopause Charity says: “We want to create a world where the menopause is understood, and no one needlessly suffers. The funds raised through charity events like this help us to work with women experiencing menopause symptoms, healthcare professionals diagnosing and treating menopause, and employers whose staff may be negatively affected by the menopause. We offer evidence-based information, advice and support, and accredited training.”

If you want to continue learning more about tools, practices, movement and other resources to support you through the menopause you can sign up for the MFML Menopause for Modern Life course – completely FREE as part of the MFML subscription.

Gabriella Espinosa is a menopause and sexual wellness coach, yoga/somatic movement teacher and the founder of Women’s Body Wisdom. Her work is informed by over 15 years of guiding women to know, trust and appreciate their bodies. Her classes are designed to address the common symptoms experienced in menopause, but most importantly they are an exploration of each woman’s unique journey to self-discovery.

Gabriella leads 1-1 and group coaching programs online and facilitates women’s wellness retreats internationally. She contributes her writing on women’s health and yoga to publications in the US and UK. Find Gabriella’s Menopause classes on MFML out find out more


If you have any questions about this online class with Gabriella, drop us a message on

This live event will not be recorded. If you’d like to practise with Gabriella at a time that suits your life, we have plenty of on demand classes available to you.

Read more in Yoga for Stress and Anxiety: A Complete Guide

Terms & Conditions

Practicing safely

The live online workshops are for your education and your enjoyment only. You are participating in the live classes at your own risk. You are encouraged to to take breaks when needed and/or when in doubt, don’t do sequences that you are even a little concerned about. If you have any health condition, please seek medical advice before taking any form of exercise. If you have any concerns, please let us know before the workshop starts.

If you feel unwell in any way or if you experience any discomfort during class, please stop the class and consult your health practitioner immediately. Remember that yoga is mostly a journey off the mat and into life, and it is a journey about taking responsibility for our own actions and cultivating self-knowledge. Only choose exercises which will nurture and support you, and please take responsibility for yourself and your current abilities during your practice. Remember that each day is different, and even if yesterday you were able to perform a movement, that is no indicator that the same exercise is possible today. Please move within your comfortable limits and if you’re in any doubt whatsoever, please seek medical advice.

We are not medical practitioners and we do not seek to offer medical advice. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any new exercise. This is particularly important if you have any limiting condition or are, pregnant, nursing, regularly taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury or damage, either during or after this retreat. Your participation in this retreat is entirely voluntary and at your own risk, and you agree to abide by the T&Cs of Movement for Modern Life.


Your secure donation will reserve your place on this very special class. No refunds will be made.

Your data

By signing up to the online retreat, you consent to us adding your name and email address to our marketing database. If you do not wish to receive emails from us outside of this retreat, please do let us know and we will be sure to remove you from our database.


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