Everything You Need To Know About Chinese New Year 2017


I have it on good authority that for Chinese New Year 2017 on January 28th we enter the year of the Fire Rooster. This is going to be a year where you might expect to hear a few fiery characters getting up early and loudly proclaiming their presence.

Chinese New Year 2017-rooster
Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster

The Rooster does rule the Roost and the farmyard, and likes to be a leader. The Rooster noisily wakes everyone up, and gets the farm ready and excited for the day. This year you may hear some early risers proclaiming their version of reality noisily and from the rooftops.

A Year For Adventure

This is a year for adventure, for leadership, for getting up early and being the early bird that gets the worm.

This year, every one of us will feel a call – the call of the Rooster, a call to action. We need to pay attention to this call. It won’t be an obvious call from someone, but it’ll be subtle. So you’ll need to watch out this year that you don’t miss the call! And when you hear the call of the Rooster, you need to take action. It’s likely that you won’t want to, it’s likely that it’ll be tricky, and that you’ll encounter your ‘shadow’ side and maybe some of your demons from the past when you hear the call. But in order to live your dharma, to be of service of yourself and to others, you must follow the call.

What will your call be and how will you know that it’s your call?

You’ll know that it’s your call when you feel an urge to do something but you also feel resistance. You really won’t want to do it, you’ll have to go through the darkness to give your gifts to share to others.

The year of the Rooster is also a very social year, so you can expect to be out in the social sphere with others, connecting. This year will also be a year in which people will be out there making their mark. So go out, listen for your calling and mark your mark in the world!

Want to embrace the Year of the Fire Rooster in your yoga practice? See in the Chinese New Year with our 5 minute a day Fire Challenge to stoke your inner fire, or try this twisting Jivamukti Fire Class from Andrea Kwiatkowski.

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

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  1. Anouk Milan

    Interesting the year of the Rooster has also fallen at the start of the New Consciousness as the New Era begins.

    I have posted a similar entry entitled ‘What Will You Choose To Be’


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