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Detox Sucks. Better Cells Rule!


This January, I’m feeling that a detox is really not strictly necessary. I have a reasonable diet. I am pretty conscientious about what I eat, I eat more plenty of fresh fruit and veg. I buy organic wherever possible. I often drink green, sludgy juices supplemented by flax seeds.

I like to think that, frequently, my diet could be called Mediterranean, just fresh and healthy, featuring lots of vegetables, good oils and a unit or two of wine too. But all too frequently I fall off the bandwagon. This Christmas and New Year’s was pretty healthy, but I really did enjoy more than a healthy ration of carbs, refined sugar, and yes, alcohol. To be honest, my Mediterranean diet was replaced by a diet which was somewhat nutritionally challenged.

And by January, after December party-season overwhelm, after a holiday season which features less relaxation than a marathon of socialising, eating, drinking and charging around I’m frankly exhausted. My body feels like a wrung out cloth, with nothing more to give, my mind never had been as full of ‘things to do’, as the pressure of the year comes heading full-speed towards me, I just feel like, even if i can’t take a break, my body needs a break. Each cell in my body seems to be aching for more energy. But not a detox!  I can just imagine my depleted, skinny little cells.

So this is why we have teamed up with Tanya, raw food expert BetterRaw.Com and the amazing raw food cafe, Tanya’s at My Hotel Chelsea – I wasn’t looking for a ‘detox’ as such, but I wanted to find a way of gaining energy and losing the toxins.  I wanted an ‘intelligent detox’. I want my cells to be given a decent chance to get the best they can for the start of the new year. Next year is a really important year for me, for Movement for Modern Life, and there was no way I could just carry on with the way things were going. I want the year to start with new cells, new life, new energy.

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I know that my body is producing new cells all the time. I hear that, in fact, by the time you have finished reading this sentence, 50 million of your cells will have died and been replaced by others. Which makes me wonder, what kind of cells are being produced, when my diet is less than perfect and I’m living a less than healthy life.  If I’m treating my body like it’s a vehicle, rather than a temple and this vehicle is travelling in the fast lane, I wonder what the impact would be on my cell health? The very building blocks, the foundation of my physical body. And how well will these new cells, which are the foundation of my immune system be able to detect and destroy bacteria?

detox raw food

These cells are being replaced throughout the body, including the brain cells. An interesting study, published in New Scientist in June 2013 showed that the cells could pick up radiation in the environment. So what else could be changed by changes in the environment or nutrition? Well, the skin is constantly producing new cells. And these new cells are being adversely effected by the toxins, pollutants, stress and unhealthy foods I’m dumping in my tank.

Even wrinkling of the skin, which is due to a number of things, including damage to collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis and structural changes in the junction between the dermis and epidermis, are thought to be influenced by nutrition (Purba MB, Kouris-Blazos A, Wattanapenpaiboon N, et al. Skin wrinkling: can food make a difference? J Am Coll Nutr 2001;20:71-80.  (PubMed))

It just makes sense to eat a diet which is rich in micronutrients for proper cellular health. So give your cells a fighting chance to be their best versions of themselves. Tanya has devised a weekly raw food eating plan devised to bring you back to your full, fighting fit energy and give each new cell that forms the best foundation possible. We will support your Raw Food Cellular Renewal Retreat by providing you with a special Cellular daily yoga practice and daily meditation and intention-settings.Yoga and Movement is vital to your cellular health, Meditation is vital to your brain, keeping the demons of stress and intention-setting is fundamental to your commitment to stay on track. We also have teamed up with leading naturopath Merran Lusher to give you wellbeing tips and you will be given guidance on steaming, dry skin brushing and sweating your way back to health. We will have a closed Facebook Support group to share your tip, experiences and revelations. I’ll be on there every day with a video showing how it’s all going.

If, like me, you’re feeling that your body could really do with a bit of a fighting chance to get through the year, and you need to thrive through this year, and you’re not able to get on retreat because you’re swamped with work and life – I’d love for you to join me for our virtual, online Cellular Renewal Retreat.

We’re starting on 19th January – it’s for one week – you’ll be sent recipes, advice and information beforehand. You’ll have plenty of time to stock the cupboard full of health-giving food and ditch all the naughties so you’re not tempted.

What’s there to lose? I’d love you to join in. And let’s celebrate our new, vibrant cell energy on January 25th. You might just find some recipes or wellbeing titbits which will keep you going throughout the year, too….

Oh, and have a really joyful, healthy and peaceful 2015

Kat x

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