13 May 2017 | Nikita Akilapa | Greece


Treat yourself to a Greek island yoga retreat with our fabulous Nikita Akilapa… and MFML movers get 25% off!

Nikita writes…

When I qualified as a yoga teacher, my first teaching gig was on a retreat in Portugal. I had visited the retreat myself many times, and already understood the benefits of practicing yoga in this format: no distractions, total focus on the practice, constant access to guidance and wisdom from my teachers, and bonding with likeminded souls.

Over the course of the week, guests would unwind, soften, open and drop into their bodies and breath so beautifully. Each person experienced such massive growth and expansion – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – in such a short space of time.

Surrounded By Nature

When I moved back to London 4 years ago, I decided that I would help my students to experience that same bliss by running my own retreats. Now, twice a year, I take a group of practitioners to beautiful destinations around the world. On these trips, surrounded by nature, we immerse ourselves in the magic and go deep with our practice.

Get To The Good Stuff

My retreats feature daily meditation, pranayama and asana; mantra and chanting; intuitive movement; energy healing and exploration of the subtle body; communal sharing of wisdom; many other practices that will put you closer in touch with yourself. We peel away the layers to get to the good stuff.

Your MFML Discount

My next retreat is at the beautiful Okreblue Retreat Centre on the Greek island of Paros (13th-19th May 2017) and I’m offering three Movement For Modern Life Members a 25% discount on the listed price:

Single Room £850 £638

Double Room £750 £562.50

Triple Room £700 £525

It’s first come first served!!

And places are limited, so email me at nikitaakilapa@hotmail.com if you’re interested in joining us!


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