Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse



Or more correctly, but slightly less poetically, it’s the year of the wooden horse.

So what is that meant to mean for us?

I have been reliably informed that, luckily for us, the year of the horse will bring Movement, Freedom and Expansion. Yay! We LOVE those things. Things to watch out for this year include plenty of opportunities, fast-paced occurrences and opportunities as well as plenty of room for movement. Things are likely to happen quickly this year, so this is a year to be decisive.

Faced with the possibility of a fast-paced year, there is no better time to find your own ‘true north’ – that is, find your position of your authentic self and you will be well placed to deal with the challenges and opportunities that the year could bring. There are a few meditations and practices which are really useful in finding the heart-self, but these can always be found when moving from a position of internal stillness. Try not to let the external fluctuations and judgements affect you when you’re in a yoga class, for example, so not so much the ‘I am good at this pose’, ‘I like this pose’, but just see if you can take the judgements to one side and see what you see, as if for the first time, and feel what you feel. You may be surprised at the results! The stronger your internal anchor, the more you can move forward swiftly, decisively yet compassionately.

So the key things to remember this year are though it’s sometimes tempting to just gallop ahead, see if you can check yourself, see if you’re going to charge in the right direction and for the right reason. And then go for it. The wind will be with you, the movement will be easy. Godspeed young chargers!

This week we have released our first full-length LIVE FORREST YOGA CLASS!!! YIPEEEEE!!! This is highly recommended to make the perfect weekend. Prepare for your shoulders to really feel it.

Year of the Horse

Jean Hall has given us another longer class, in her Hip Vinyasa. If you are feeling ‘stuck’, emotionally, physically, there is nothing like a focus on the Hips to help you out. And for those weekdays, perhaps, when you just don’t have time to move as much as you’d like to, we have a takeaway for you.

Dylan’s Power to Go will help you out. See these classes in the Hot Right Now section.



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