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I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to enjoy the first cold spell in the UK. So often we run away from the ‘as is-ness’ of life, wishing for warmer weather, wishing to be away on holiday, wishing that the days were longer and nights shorter.

But it’s so incredibly powerful to embrace all that ‘as is’ right now in life. As the nights draw in, I find it so comforting and strengthening to find ways to stoke my inner fire.

There’s no better time for starting the Fire Challenge than right now, and this time of year tends to be busy work-wise for many folks, so it’s really good to know that one of the most senior teachers in the country has created a challenge which is only 2-5 minutes each day!

The same amount of time as it takes to clean your teeth, you can stoke your inner fire!

If you’re looking for more ways to keep burning brightly from the inside, you may want to check out Mimi’s Winter Warmer Classes too.

And if you have some more time, I’d love for you to try stoking your Inner Fire with our new teacher, Joo Teoh.

Joo manages to skilfully combine qigong and yoga practices, to create a practice which is very warming, accessible and deeply nurturing.

The reason that I love qigong classes is that they are a way of getting our creativity and energy stoked up, but in a way that’s nourishing and gives back to our sometimes overwhelmed systems. 

I really hope you enjoy Joo’s classes, he’s quite a find, and a perfect addition, I think you’ll agree, to our handpicked selection of teachers.

He brings a centred energy, a humour and his knowledge of qigong, acupuncture and yoga to his classes – he really is an all-round fabulous teacher.

Do let us know on our Facebook Movers Page how you get along on the Fire Challenge and the classes that are keeping you happy, warm and your inner fire stoked at this time of year!

with love
Kat and Team MFML


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