Meet Yvonne O’Garro

Meet Yvonne O'Garro

Meet Yvonne O’Garro! Yvonne is passionate about restorative yoga and in guiding her students to fully drop into a relaxation response. Yvonne shares more about why she loves restorative yoga so much!

What do you teach and why?

Restorative & Hatha yoga because I would like as many people as possible to experience the space, calm, rest and joy I receive from both practices. Thankfully more and more people are discovering/rediscovering yoga so feel “I’m pushing on an open door” to coin a phrase. I moved away from a long HR career just before COVID to have more time to share the benefits of yoga. Feel the timing was right to help people navigate the varied emotional states these past months. I teach to help navigate the change within us.

What brought you to this practice?

Curiosity took me into my first ever yoga class in a gym in 2006, which was Hatha Yoga. Curiosity again led me to discover Restorative yoga as didn’t understand why people were not leaving the Hatha class when it was over…they were staying for next class, Restorative! My curiosity paid dividends on both occasions as I have not looked back as realised the shift, for the better, in myself since I started practicing yoga.

What motivates you?

My breath as it carries me along my journey, providing me with the ability to navigate the path ahead which we know is not always an easy or direct route. My late parents also motivate me as when I think back to my childhood and how they provided for us with far less that what I have available to me today, I want to make them proud.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

Red wine, chocolate & a good drama; faves – Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM & Line of Duty & Restorative yoga naturally!!

Which living teachers / thinkers most inspire you and why?

Anna Ashby, my teacher since 2007, as her passion and knowledge for yoga practices has so much depth which is shared openly to help us gain a better understanding of the roots of yoga. Anna has been delving into Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra for some time building classes around the slokas which are thought provoking and provide a deeper appreciation of yoga.

Jonelle Lewis, inspires me because she says it just like it needs to be said: “no mud, no lotus”. Jonelle has been a source of support and inspiration to me as a Black Yoga Teacher and how I need to navigate this path of wellness. She has hosted some insightful Instagram Live conversations during past few months, which have truly held the wellness industry to account and definitely encouraged more positive and inclusion steps to be taken.

Recommend your favourite books

My Name is Why by Lemn Sissay

Becoming by Dr Michelle Obama

Light On Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar.

This book is very special for me, not only because of the fabulous insights from Mr Iyengar but it was given me to me by my first yoga teacher; the late and wonderful Vicki Scarlett. May Vicki rest in eternal peace.

Which daily practice would make us feel better?

Restorative Yoga! The slower pace allows the nervous system to shift from protecting ourselves, “fight or flight”, the sympathetic nervous system, into passive, relaxation mode; the parasympathetic nervous system. The practice is healing as allows the body to truly rest which will increase your sense of well being. Try 20 minutes each day in a Restorative posture, tell me you don’t feel better afterwards!

Beach or Mountain?

Beach (Diani, Kenya)

Cat or Dog?

Cat (but alas asthmatic so no pets anymore!)

Rural or Urban?

Both! 🙂

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise on Silver Island Yoga & Sunset – St Lucia

Spring or Autumn?

Spring (love daffodils)

Which is your favourite food?

Rye bread, avocado, poached egg and slice of ham. Delicious at any window during 24 hour day! 🙂


More about Yvonne O’Garro:

Yvonne is passionate about Restorative Yoga and the benefits it can have on our bodies; the practice allows the nervous system to shift from “fight or flight” into a relaxation response. Restorative yoga poses are all supine and are held between 5 – 10 mins; using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to aid your relaxation and allowing you to reconnect with your breath whilst being fully supported by the props. You can connect with Yvonne through her website or on her instagram profile, or why not visit her teacher’s page and sink into a delicious restorative practice.


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