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We had our very first Movement for Modern Life retreat last week which was so beautifully transformative for me, and I think for those in our small group.


We all practiced some wonderful meditation, intention-setting, Jivamukti and Yin classes with Andrea which really did do wonders for me. I came away feeling fresher, happier, more relaxed and somehow like I’d already achieved all of those intentions I’d set for 2017. It really felt like a very powerful group which enabled us to achieve the changes we were looking for. Team MFML was there in full force too, our Edith and Rosie were integral to the group, and my mum was there at the centre of things at all times. What happy, beautiful times.

It made me realise that a retreat every now and again is absolutely the perfect complement to a home yoga practice. Home yoga is wonderful for being so flexible but can feel lonesome sometimes. A January retreat is the ideal way to re-set and re-ignite your home yoga practice for the year ahead.

We are running the retreat again at the same time next year with teacher Andrea Kwiatkowski. I’m sure it’ll fill up quickly. Read about it in our blog and if you’d like to put your name down for it, it’s never too soon!

What we talked about during our final transformation chat was the power of discernment, when we were thinking of what we are planning to Let Go of in 2017.

Sometimes in our yoga practice, as in life, we can get stuck in a rut, we just re-do what we’re always doing and often we don’t even know about it! We can think that we’re doing what’s right for us by picking the online classes we’ve put in our ‘favourites’, choosing teachers which we always enjoy and styles of yoga we love already. And it’s the same in life, we often do things by habit. What I’d encourage you to think of this week is what are you actively choosing, and what are you deciding to Let Go of this week?

The beauty of practicing yoga at home is that you can bespoke your practice. You don’t have to just do, say, Vinyasa at 7.30pm because your favourite teacher teaches that and you’re back from work then. You can do a practice that suits your evening-time body. And the same with choosing everything else! You have the power to choose your life, so go ahead and make good choices that work for you and those close to you.

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2 thoughts on “Retreat Review | Moving Into Choices

  1. Vera Farrants

    What you say about the success of the retreat at Tilton House is completely right… I am so enthused that I have already booked for the retreat in January 2018…forward planning!

    1. Edith Johnson Post author

      Thank you for your kind comments Vera, really pleased that you have felt inspired by the retreat and so glad you will be there next year too! Edith x


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