Where are you practicing this Summer?


This summer we’re taking our yoga with us. We’re practicing in the garden. We’re taking our yoga to the park with our friends. We’re avoiding the rain and practicing in our front rooms (as is the way with fickle British Summer Time!)

2014-09-08 10.08.41

We’re feeling smug when our friends and yoga teachers go abroad, we get to practice our own bespoke yoga retreat every day of the summer holidays! When the children are out of school and the craziness descends, we get to command our five minutes, half hour or hour of essential me time to sort ourselves out, iron out the creases in our bodies and get moving for the joy of it.

We get to reach our hands to the sky, watch the clouds and the birds as we move, and savasana is the best – just feeling the breeze on the skin and hearing sounds of birds singing.

I don’t think that it can get any better than this, and it does make me feel just slightly smug about those people practicing in the gym or studio. When the fresh air and sunshine is on the skin, this is truly yoga, in every way.

2014-09-08 09.40.51

Our Competition

To celebrate summer, and get in the mood of feeling really smug and excited that we get to pack our favourite teachers in our suitcase, we’re running a competition for all 6 weeks of the summer holidays.

Every fortnight we’ll pick one winner who will receive a FREE 3-month subscription to MFML. If you’re already a subscriber, we’ll give a FREE 3-month extension to your subscription.

What to do

We’d love to see how your MFML practice travels with you this summer whether it’s somewhere exotic or just moving from inside to outdoors. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram, tag us in the photo and use the hashtags #movemorelivemore and #whereimove.

Happy Summer Moving and Good Luck!



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