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We had the joy of interviewing Eugene and Pip, two incredible yogis who teach Handstand and AcroYoga workshops around the UK.


Photographer credit: Alexander Von Schimpf

When did you first start to practice AcroYoga?

We have been working together for a year and a half. When we first met we were training towards a performance that we performed 4 weeks after our first practice together! Beforehand, Eugene had been practicing for just over a year, attending workshops and classes which then led him to teacher training which then followed with myself, Pip.

Why did you first take up AcroYoga?

We both fell in love with the practice and it was a way for us to freely express ourselves through movement. For both of us, it was a natural progression from what we were already doing. Eugene being a Martial Artist and a yoga practitioner whilst myself being a dancer and pilates teacher, the combination was a easy to transition to AcroYoga.

What does AcroYoga mean to you?

AcroYoga is way of understanding our playful side, trust and communication. Together it is a way of connecting us on a deeper level of our partnership which allows us to be creative and imaginative, not just in movement, but also in our lifestyle.


Photographer credit: Alexander Von Schimpf

Do you meditate?

AcroYoga is our form of moving meditation. With synchronising breath, an empty mind and a flow of movement, we both share a state of mind.

What’s the secret of cultivating a daily Acroyoga practice?

To find a regular partner and to find inspiration.

What practice do you do every day?

We both like to mix our practices up from handstands, yoga, dance and AcroYoga.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

Pip saved this question for me (Eugene). There’s only one place I could start. I’d change the way the human race treats other species. If we could learn to value and respect other innocent life forms and end the animal holocaust perhaps we could also nurture more compassion and ultimately peace among our fellow human beings.  After that, I’d make having fun the first priority in schools.


Try the first of our Acro Yoga Series, which features Pip and Eugene. The first class is a callibration, where you learn to work with and trust your partner.

Pip and Eugene are ambassadors for We Are Starseeds and Carrot Banana Peach, two organic, sustainable clothing brands from the UK.  



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