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This is everything needed to inspire someone special in your life to practice yoga every single day. Our luxury yoga bundle includes an Annual membership to MFML at the bargain price of 50% off including access to over 1,000 yoga classes led by the best yoga teachers in the world, our courses and challenges and lots of tutorials and discussions to support an ongoing yoga journey. Our specialist blog with fun features and articles and our social media forums for subscribers mean that Movers become part of a very special community indeed. Alongside our subscription, your loved one will also receive some of the best yoga kit available, in fact everything they need need for a beautiful yoga experience. Our deluxe alignment yoga mat comes with a handy mat strap, a brick, a strap and a bolster will support them to relax into their best pose and our lavender Eye Pillow is perfect for restorative poses and final relaxation!

MFML Alignment Yoga Mat

Movement for Modern Life have been asked by our members so many times to recommend an affordable, but luxurious, alignment and eco-friendly yoga mat, that we had no option but to make one! The gift bundle includes a mat strap which is perfect for when you’re on the move and does mean that your gift recipient really can do their yoga everywhere.


Cork Brick

Yoga cork bricks boast a number of benefits as well as being a great injury prevention aid.

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Bricks and blocks will helpfully add support during those harder poses, deepen stretches to aid flexibility and add resistance to increase muscle strength. Bricks are indispensible for Yin Yoga, Restorative yoga and deepening any style of practice.
Yoga bricks are also especially useful to those starting out in yoga, enabling you to create the proper body positions during poses that are challenging for your balance or muscles. This will ingrain good positioning.
Cork bricks are heavier than most foam blocks and so add even more support and stability and are larger and a bit more useful, in our humble opinion, for resting on in many positions.
Eco friendly material
Lightweight yet sturdy
Fantastic texture and Optimal grip
Bevelled edges
Non-allergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-static
100% cork, which is a highly renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resource
Size Dimensions
23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm - the most popular brick size in Europe!
Weight: 640g

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Organic Buckwheat Bolster

Yoga bolsters have an enviable list of benefits, including relieving pain, lessening stiffness, and increasing comfort during postures. They are perfect for final relaxation and restorative yoga and our buckwheat bolster moulds to the body.


Scented Lavender & Linseed Eye Pillows

Our beautiful Organic Lavender Eye Pillows are the ultimate, luxurious gift in upgrading your relaxation.


Gift Subscription

There’s no better gift to give to a loved one than the gift of good health. Gift a full subscription to Movement for Modern Life to give them access to 1,000’s of classes and challenges with the very best teachers from around the world. A perfect gift for absolute beginners, teens, the less mobile and seasoned yogis and everyone in between with lots to explore and support to deepen every yoga practice.

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One year, 50% Discount (£65.94)


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