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Saturday 7 July 2018 at Thaxted Yoga

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About the Prize: 

Following on from the success of our Yin Yoga Challenge, we've teamed up with Thaxted Yoga to offer you the chance to win a day of live yin yoga and meditation. 

The lucky winner will join senior Yin and Jivamukti teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowski, for a full day Yin Yoga & Buddhist Meditation Workshop.

Saturday 7 July 10:30am - 4:30pm at Thaxted Yoga*.

The day will include a 2.5 hour yin yoga practice in the morning, with insights from Tao and Chinese traditions followed by pranayama and meditation in the afternoon.

You will also be invited to deepen your understanding and development of ahimsa (the yogic principle of non-harming), including an exploration of Buddha's teachings on this.

Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

*The prize may be transferable to an equivalent workshop with Andrea at the discretion of Thaxted Yoga.

Can't make the workshop? 

You can always try yoga and meditation in an online class with Andrea here on Movement For Modern Life! 

  • Calm Abiding Yin 33:28
    Calm Abiding Yin

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Settle your energy, settle your focus in this very grounded Yin class which is focused around the Hara, your energy centre. This class is wonderful if you want to tune in to your intuition, your deep-seated centre. This is a heart and lung Yin yoga class. This class is great for overcoming sadness and grief, and is wonderful for clearing that which no longer serves you.

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  • Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway: Jivamukti Inversions49:29
    Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway: Jivamukti Inversions

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A full, well-rounded Jivamukti yoga class, with a focus on inversions. Inversions are a super opportunity to change our perspecitve on life, and even take a look at the ways that we approach different things in life. This class will strengthen your core and shoulders to prepare your upper body for taking inversions. It doesn't matter what shape you make in the inversion and if you go upside down or not, it's all about how we look at situations. A great class for warming and strengthening, whether you're ready to go upside down or not. Remember to handle inversions with care, our egos can get in the way, so only work carefully and within your capabilities here! You will need a strap.

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  • Meditation On Breathing06:16
    Meditation On Breathing

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A short and gentle introduction to meditation. Ideal for after a yoga class, this is a simple meditaion on breathing. You'll find that when you start to focus mindfully on your breath, you gain focus, clarity and insight and you may even find that life is less stressful. One to incorporate as a daily practice!

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