Stewart Gilchrist's Yoga Classes


  • Stewart Gilchrist Live at Indaba01:34:17
    Stewart Gilchrist Live at Indaba

    Stewart Gilchrist

    A tough, very fast-moving vinyasa class filmed live with our friends at Indaba yoga. Recommended for those with plenty of experience of fast-moving vinyasa yoga classes and of free-standing inversions. This class is not to practice to, but if you ever wander what the most bendy people are up to in the London studios, this is the go to class to watch. Stewart weaves threads of yoga as spirituality into this class. Asana (the poses) are healing not a harming experience, be kind to your body if you do have an advanced practice and you want to experience this class. As Stewart advises, 'If you think that something's too difficult, don't do it'.

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