Yvonne OGarro's Yoga Classes


  • Restore, Recharge & Relax01:15:46
    Restore, Recharge & Relax

    Yvonne OGarro

    A very calming restorative yoga class. This class increases your well-being as the calming environment lifts your mood, contributing to stress relief. During this 60-minute class Yvonne will guide you into 4 postures: both symmetrical and asymmetrical, providing the body with a total sense of ease. Restorative yoga poses are mostly supine and are held between 5 - 15 mins; using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to aid your relaxation and allowing you to reconnect with your breath whilst being fully supported by the props. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Grab your props and get ready to relax! You will need: 1 bolster, 1 belt, 2 bricks, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and an eye pillow. (If you don’t have these props, a pillow folded in half, wrapped in a towel and pushed into a pillowcase makes a bolster or indeed a sleeping bag tied together| A scarf or robe belt can be used as a yoga belt. Hard back books can be used as bricks/ blocks and bath towels can be used instead of blankets.) Practice this class alongside this playlist.

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