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Far from being simply a physical exercise, yoga encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices.   On this page we are building up a range of tutorials to develop and perfect your skills in the yogic arts of pranayama (breathing techniques) With time these practices will serve to deepen and enrich your work on the mat and broaden your outlook on life.


  • Master Of Energy, Master Of Awareness01:04:26
    Master Of Energy, Master Of Awareness

    Leila Sadeghee

    Become a master of energy with this full-length prana-fuelling yoga class. Perfect for when life is challenging and you're looking for a deeper awareness to help you navigate. In these practices we're building a vessel to expand our awareness, so we can engage with life in a vibrantly creative way. This is a luscious and soulful practice that incorporates visualisation with the yoga. With plentiful planks and many long holds, you'll find your core fired up and your strength will be challenge! This is a challenging class but simply do your best to work on your personal power!

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