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Far from being simply a physical exercise, yoga encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices.   On this page we are building up a range of tutorials to develop and perfect your skills in the yogic arts of pranayama (breathing techniques) With time these practices will serve to deepen and enrich your work on the mat and broaden your outlook on life.


  • Rainbow Vinyasa Yellow(3): Solar Yoga Flow29:08
    Rainbow Vinyasa Yellow(3): Solar Yoga Flow

    Liz Lark

    A perfect morning energiser yoga class. Invigorate with the focus of fire!! This Invigorating vinyasa yoga class starts with breathwork including Kapalbhati breathing. Try some eye yoga, and mudra to centre and clense. Then build tapas (heat and focus), with a creatively sequenced fire practice focusing on backbends, core work and twists.

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