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We know that yoga can seem intimidating and can seem like it’s a million miles away from what is attainable, achievable or even fun.

We also firmly believe that it really doesn’t matter how long your hamstrings are or whether you can touch your knees or toes or if you’re already in the cirque de soleil. Really that’s not what yoga is about. So what is yoga about?

To Movement for Modern Life, yoga is simply a tool. It is a tool which is guaranteed to make you feel better. Guaranteed. Starting with a little stretch and a little strength, you will find you feel a lot better in your body, and then you may start to breathe. You may start to feel some space in your head. In your life. You may start to feel that things feel possible that you never even knew were. But don’t take our word for it. Just get moving. Forwards ever, backwards never. Get moving and keep on moving a little bit every day. We have online yoga videos to e... Show more



  • Everybody Flows: Refine The Shapes14:01
    Everybody Flows: Refine The Shapes

    Adam Hocke

    As a follow-up to ‘Make the Shapes,’ this short practice will help you refine your understanding of down dog and standing poses with a few alignment cues to help your poses feel more sustainable and interesting. Although there’s a lot to learn, this practice focuses on feet, hands, and shoulders. You will need a tennis ball and a brick or something like it.

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  • Downward Dog Tutorial04:49
    Downward Dog Tutorial

    Catherine Annis

    A tutorial on the yoga pose downward dog to help you find alignment and ease in this classic yoga pose.

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  • Release Your Neck; Reduce Fatigue26:07
    Release Your Neck; Reduce Fatigue

    Andrew McGonigle

    This class is a workshop-style yoga class to target areas that hold tension in the neck, causing fatigue. The class focuses on head and neck alignment, jaw release and strength and shoulder mobility. With exercises to gain awareness of where we might be unnecessarily straining our neck and holding tension, we explore head aligment and then use neck and shoulder stretches and strengthening exercises to help release tension. You will need a blanket, foam block, cushion and a strap.

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  • Physical Aspects: Moving Mindfully To Explore Your Body16:03
    Physical Aspects: Moving Mindfully To Explore Your Body

    Dan Peppiatt

    An exporation of your hands, wrists, shoulders, this flow is great for those of us who spend a lot of time at computers, have a strong asana practice or any other activity that builds repetitive strain. Working on all fours this flow moves on from the exploration of our bodies limits and begins to prepare the physical self for the demands of more challenging postures. Preparing the core and basic all round flexibility, this class works well as a stand alone sequence for the mornings or as a lovely warm up for stronger classes. Watch in combination with Dan's Discussion Of The Physical Aspects Of Yoga.

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  • Mental Aspects - Exploring Mental Strength and Flexibility 18:39
    Mental Aspects - Exploring Mental Strength and Flexibility

    Dan Peppiatt

    In this session of mindful movement explore the parameters and limitations of our own body with very gentle movements in a seated position with the eyes closed. More than anything else it is a misunderstanding of our mind and how it functions that causes us difficulties during asana practice. In this very gentle seated first practice we will explore some of the mind games that create resistance and how we might work through them. Watch in combination with Dan's Discussion Of The Mental Aspects Of Yoga.

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