Healthy Hips › 30 to 45 mins

  • Fiery Yoga for the Hips31:45
    Fiery Yoga for the Hips

    Vidya Heisel

    A yoga class to deepen, strengthen and open the hips, moving to a peak pose of Crescent Moon. Start with sun salutations, then prepare the body with backbends. You will need access to a clear wall, as we use a wall first of all for a modified inverted Crescent Moon, and then to deepen our crescent. You will need two blocks, a strap and a blanket.

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  • Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks34:00
    Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks

    Katarina Rayburn

    This is a swift-moving mandala salutation vinyasa yoga class. If you only have a spare half hour, it’s a sure and fast way to get you flowing and sweating. This power yoga class focuses on stretching and strengthening through your side body. Expect lots of lovely twists, plank variations and (optional) inversions. The mandala practice moves 360 degrees around your mat, so perhaps watch the first couple of flows to find out where Katarina takes you, or listen intently, as you won't always be able to see the screen. This change of perspective is a perfect way to change the way you look at life, getting insight from new ways of seeing things. The class focuses on igniting Agni (internal fire) and bringing awareness to Manipura chakra, our source of willpower and transformation. This class is the pure-flow for those who just need to move but if you want to extend this practice we recommend taking a supine twist to wake up the target area.

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  • Slow Flow Yoga35:07
    Slow Flow Yoga

    Clive Fogelman

    A beautiful, well-rounded slow flow yoga class. The focus is particularly on a feeling of length and openness in the lower body. This gentle sequence focuses on the hamstrings and hips, taking time to really hold the poses to create a feeling of strength and openness in this area of the body.

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  • Pilates for Strength: Healthy Knees33:58
    Pilates for Strength: Healthy Knees

    Vanessa Michielon

    This well-rounded Pilates-inspired flow class helps to connect to the inner thighs and strengthen the muscles supporting your knees. This is vital to sustain your practice and prevent injuries. Expect a challenging flow for stronger inner thighs muscles as well as working the abdominal muscles. You will need a towel.

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  • Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel43:00
    Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    This restorative yoga class is designed to cultivate awareness through the pelvis, lower belly and sacral plexus; the home of the creative energy centre (Svadhishthana). Poses in this yoga class focus on the back, the lower belly and the legs, and are intended to create space to allow the energy to flow fluidly through this energy centre. It starts with low lunges, moving to a restorative child’s pose and then you'll need a clear wall for ‘legs up the wall’ pose.

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  • Jivamukti: Hip Vinyasa Flow40:16
    Jivamukti: Hip Vinyasa Flow

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This Jivamukti vinyasa yoga class gets moving straight away with a swift, feisty flow - perfect for getting yourself moving in the mornings. With the usual full range of standing and seated poses with forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions, the poses also all focus on the hips. Our hips get so tight with too much sitting, standing and travelling - most of us need to focus on the hips to keep the joints fluid and mobile and the lower back strong. Enjoy!

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  • Yin for Ankles, Knees and Hips32:18
    Yin for Ankles, Knees and Hips

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    The perfect yin yoga class for those of us who spend a lot of time in shoes, standing up or sitting at a desk. It is equally great after a long day's hiking! Use this class to regain mobility in your feet and ankles and nourish your knees and hips. Yin yoga involves long holding of the poses; stay so long as you are comfortable but, as ever, if you feel any discomfort, do come out of the pose. You will need a block.

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  • Positive Psychology Series (2): Patience35:49
    Positive Psychology Series (2): Patience

    Mercedes Sieff

    Patience is one of the six character traits to focus on in positive psychology. This yoga class class features long hip opening holds interfused with some creative vinyasa and balance. A perfect class for those of us who are sedentary.

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  • Yoga To Re-Centre37:16
    Yoga To Re-Centre

    Naomi Absalom

    A creative movement practice that embodies the natural interchanging states of contraction and expansion. Moving from the centre out and back in again, this yoga class mirrors the flow of life, the shift in energy; expect juicy, fluid and fluent creative somatic movements. Challenge yourself to move in different ways, move with natural, fluid strength and flexibility. Perfect for when you've been at work all day and you just want a juicy, hip-freeing class to liberate your mind and body from modern life! Mostly wrist-free.

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  • Glute and Core Strength32:00
    Glute and Core Strength

    Zephyr Wildman

    A strengthening workout for the glutes, pelvic area and core, perfect for yogis who are often over-mobile - this sequence will help to prevent injury. Great for those who those of us who sit all day who have weak or under-used glutes, we really do need this class to strengthen and prevent back pain. Also a great class for those with diastasis recti from pregnancy and/or weak piriformis/glutes (which is most of us!) -but be ready for the burn. This sequence is focused on the hip stabilisers and core muscle relationship providing a stable base for the spine to advance in asana.

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  • Binding Party44:38
    Binding Party

    Adam Hocke

    Build strength and mobility in your shoulders and hips with this yoga class. Binding requires a combination of shoulder and hip flexibility that may not be easily available to everyone. Even if you can make the bind, are you doing so in a way that is strong and sustainable? This yoga class develops mobility and strength in your shoulder area, an area that often suffers from our technology-led lifestyle, and develops strength in your binding practice, whilst also working on hip flexibility and strength - perfect for those who spend a lot of time seated. We work skillfully with the strap and learn how to practise poses like bound side angle, bound twisting lunge, gomukhasana, bound bharadvajasana and more with strength and integrity. You will need a strap, a brick and a block.

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  • Wake Up & Glow34:53
    Wake Up & Glow

    Kristin Campbell

    Take agency over how you want to feel today and cause an effect on your life. Are you living in reaction to life? It is all too tempting to live up in our heads, entertained by our busy minds only to be reduced to our thoughts. Our thoughts effect our feelings and our feelings cause an affect on our thoughts. We don’t get to choose what happens to us in a day, but we can choose how we react or respond to what is happening. How do you want to feel today? How do you want to influence life today? How do you want to celebrate life today? You are the artist of your day, set yourself up for success by taking agency over how you want to feel today, rather than leaving it up to the outer world to decide for you. This is living from the inside out. “Happiness is an inside job.” – William Arthur Ward Suggested props: 2 same sized blocks – are always my go to for having under my hands to minimize compression in the soft tissues of my hips in some of the lunge shaped poses.

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  • Earth Mandala Vinyasa Flow38:22
    Earth Mandala Vinyasa Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    In this Mandala Vinyasa practice we will focus on how our ability to ground helps us to be stable enough to balance and transitions seamlessly in our yoga practice and life. There is a focus on the, feet, hamstrings and hip flexors, spinal flexion and extension. A really nice practice to connect deeper into the element of earth. A well-rounded, mindfully paced but dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class. Class is in a mandala pattern, so there is no 'front' or 'back' of the mat - you'll need to practice listening rather than looking at your teacher as you change your perspective. You may find this causes you to listen more deeply to how you feel throughout your practice and move with greater skill and ease to how your body feels. This class will have you feeling balanced, grounded, uplifted and ready for your day. You will need two bricks.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Summer33:00
    Honour Your Cycle: Summer

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    This class celebrates the vitality of the summer of the menstrual cycle. With rhythmic, nutritious, grounding movements, you move and breath to get some flow and energy into your body with lots of rhythm and circles. Start with your feet and get moving through all your joints with a rhythmic flow to gently bring the sunshine in! Then class ends with a micro yoga nidra relaxation. You will need bolsters and cushions to get comfortable in your yoga nidra and perhaps padding for the knees for the rhythmic yoga movement practice.

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  • Creative Morning Flow33:52
    Creative Morning Flow

    Naomi Absalom

    Start your day the right way with lots of moving, a lot of breathwork, no static holds with plenty of mobility work on the shoulders and feet. Just bring in the breath and an intention of joy and you'll be set to have a fabulous day ahead!

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  • Hip Yin Yoga: Above The Knees - Below The Navel31:24
    Hip Yin Yoga: Above The Knees - Below The Navel

    Norman Blair

    A hip-focused Yin Yoga class. In this class we replace intensity of form with length of time, so we hold shapes for minutes in order to move deeply from within. This hip-focused class is perfect for those of us with a sedentary lifestyle, who spend too much time seated, especially at desks or in the car, or for athletes, especially runners and cyclists who can suffer from tight hips, which can cause back troubles. You may need blocks, blankets, bricks and a bolster with this class.

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  • Space And Freedom43:24
    Space And Freedom

    Nikita Akilapa

    This hip and leg opening vinyasa yoga class helps you to move into a more expansive state by prioritising space and freedom, a sentiment that can live well beyond the mat and into your behaviours, attitudes and approach for the day, and onwards. Listening carefully to the whispers of the body, you increase our sensitivity to sensation and enhance your interior perception. By moving slowly, you are able to build more strength and stamina, while staying connected to what you feel. In this way, you can encourage the gentle negotiation between body and breath to find a sense of release and freedom. You may need yoga bricks and a strap.

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  • Elemental Flow: Root Down Gently32:36
    Elemental Flow: Root Down Gently

    Lucy McCarthy

    The First of Lucy's 5 elements series. This yoga class will connect you to the earth with gentle, slow and steady movements and a focus on grounding, slowing down and getting present. Perfect for when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, or you just need help to calm. This class starts with a long breath-work relaxation, then works gently on the hips to release feelings of business and stress. You will need a tennis-size ball and you might need a block.

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