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Far from being simply a physical exercise, yoga encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices.   On this page we are building up a range of tutorials to develop and perfect your skills in the yogic arts of pranayama (breathing techniques) With time these practices will serve to deepen and enrich your work on the mat and broaden your outlook on life.



  • Five Minute Energy Reset04:28
    Five Minute Energy Reset

    Lucy McCarthy

    A quick, powerful shake-up class to shake off stagnant, negative energy. Includes full body shakedown, lions breath, fountain breath. For whenever you feel like you need to change your energy naturally! Perfect to start the day or to take a short break during the day.

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  • Manage Anxiety (9): Relax & Sleep Into Greatness26:33
    Manage Anxiety (9): Relax & Sleep Into Greatness

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    A few stretches to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and relax the body, guided relaxation: body scan, breath counting and image visualisation, this yoga nidra is inspired from: Yoga Nidra book by Yoga Publications Trust

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  • Manage Anxiety (6):Moving Through Stress28:34
    Manage Anxiety (6):Moving Through Stress

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    This the practice for when your feeling in the heat of stress. Start by writing everything down that is on our mind, then moving into invigorating movement to let out some adrenaline and frustration. You'll need a pen and paper to write your stresses down before you start. As the video comes to end, we wind down, transforming out state of stress to a state of calm

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  • Begin (again) 1: Just Breathe06:04
    Begin (again) 1: Just Breathe

    Adam Hocke

    The first in our beginners yoga class series. This short and simple introduction to yoga flow by means of feeling and employing the self-care tool of breath, the essential tool in our yoga journey and our ongoing journey of life! Learn the basics of a half sun salutation and cat/cow postures. For beginners or refreshers.

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  • Breath and Peace13:13
    Breath and Peace

    Dan Peppiatt

    A chilled and relaxing short breathing yoga class perfect for Christmas day, or whenever your life is busy and a bit overwhelming. With this class you'll be able to take some time out for yourself and return your breath back to a natural efficient pattern, preparing you for the challenges that the day and that the festive period can bring.

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  •  Breath and Bandhas De-Mystified26:56
    Breath and Bandhas De-Mystified

    Corrie Ananda

    An explanation of the connection between breath and bandhas - the cornerstone of a yoga, and especially important for Ashtanga yoga practice. A thorough explanation and tutorial into how best feel the bandhas, and how the yoga breathing combines with the bandhas.

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  • Live at Yoga Garden Party: Rebalance with the Prana Vayus01:20
    Live at Yoga Garden Party: Rebalance with the Prana Vayus

    Zephyr Wildman

    This class on the Prana-Vayus is an experiential exploration into your breath-work. A must for all practitioners! Prana is lifeforce and Vayus mean the vehicle to experience the lifeforce. Starting with a short talk on the role of prana in the body, the class moves into some slow, steady vinyasa and then further breath-work followed by a long guided meditation. A truly balancing, calming and energising class, deeply rooted in the origins of yoga, perfect for finding out more about this beautiful practice. Suitable for all levels.

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  • Yoga: The Basics15:41
    Yoga: The Basics

    Sylvia Garcia

    Get the basics right with this perfect introduction to yoga. Sylvia explains how to practice yogic breathing, what are bandhas (or energy locks) and some key poses.

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  • Kapala Bhati  Breath04:46
    Kapala Bhati Breath

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    In this short class, Mimi shows the energising Kapala Bhati breath which is an invigorating tool for energising the body and clearing the mind of negative emotions.

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  • Alternate Nostril Breath06:55
    Alternate Nostril Breath

    Clare Beagley

    Alternate nostril breath is a great reliver for agitation, anxiety or insomia. It also gently uplifts if you are low on energy. Take this class on it's own to clam your nerves or add to your class before relaxation.

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