Hatha › Move from Anger › 10 to 30 mins


  • Honour Your Cycle: Autumn22:24
    Honour Your Cycle: Autumn

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    A very gentle movement and breathing class for pre-menstrual tension. Release PMT with gentle hip-releasing yoga poses, work on emotional releases through resting poses. This class is nourishing and supportive, to give your body the rest and gentle movements it needs. You will need cushions or a bolster to support your knees during resting pose.

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  • Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief26:21
    Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief

    Andrew McGonigle

    A very gentle, all-levels class to bust stress whenever you may need it. With focus on mindful, gentle, breath-led movements, this class is ideal to restore your breath and body after a challenging day. You will need a blanket, strap and bolster.

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  • Healing Flow29:56
    Healing Flow

    Zephyr Wildman

    A warming enquiry into the body and mind. This class gently encourages you to face up to emotional pain and intuitively start to make a plan to heal. An essential for your emotional wellbeing toolbox.

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  • Winter Warmers: Yoga and Qigong for the Inner Fire" part I: kindling the fire24:56
    Winter Warmers: Yoga and Qigong for the Inner Fire" part I: kindling the fire

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Yoga and QiGong for kindling the inner fire. Movement and circulation for warming the body in the cooler months. With Sun Salutations and twists for firing the spirit up. This class will do the trick for any time you feel like you need a little extra fire in your life and is perfect for morning time.

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  • Dealing with Overwhelm22:10
    Dealing with Overwhelm

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    Mollie shows us some really useful bodywork practices for when life just gets too tough and stressful, to create some space in your body, your tissues and your head. She uses tapping, breathwork and yoga - some of which you can learn and use at your desk for when life moves too fast. Optional prop: a blanket.

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  • Release the day23:30
    Release the day

    Kate Walker

    After work: Wind down and de-stress with this short after-work sequence. Kate bases the practice around some delicious shoulder openers - perfect if you’ve spent hours in front of the screen.

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