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This is the place to find a selection of videos that work for folks with weak or injured wrists or those that just don't like sun salutes! You'll also find some short classes to help build up, protect and strengthen those carpal muscles. We also recommend checking out our Yin and Restorative Section for more classes that are easy on the wrists.


  • Menopause Yoga: Befriending Your Body50:03
    Menopause Yoga: Befriending Your Body

    Petra Coveney

    A soothing and calming yoga class to cool hot flushes and help you surrender to the natural process of change associated with the perimenopause and menopause. Expect hip opening stretches and simple somatic movements through the spine which lead to a restorative yoga practice, followed by a deep relaxation, a guided meditation and a mantra. This class is taught wholly on the floor and is very gentle and grounding. It is designed to help you befriend your body with kindness and self-compassion at a time when your body is transforming and can feel out of your control. You will need a yoga mat, a strap or belt, 1 bolster and 2 cushions (or household equivalents), and 2 blocks (or thick books). NB - Modifications: take extra care with hip and knee injuries. Osteoporosis: avoid flexion rounding your back in forward folds; keep your spine straight. Trauma: please note that hip opening poses and stretches across the chest can release tension but may also trigger trauma. Follow your own breathing pace, pause the practice when needed and find a comfortable resting pose.

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