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  • Transformation Through Tapas01:09:27
    Transformation Through Tapas

    Kristin Campbell

    A strong and empowering, spiritually uplifting, intelligently sequenced, alignment-based Hatha yoga class which will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and calm. With plenty of backbends, as well as balances and twists, this is a wonderful class to explore the full spectrum of a hatha yoga, whilst retaining aligment. Also wrist-free options. You may need a block.

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  • Stay Low Flow01:03:48
    Stay Low Flow

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A gentle sequence with no standing poses, perfect for when you want to feel close to the earth. You'll find a little bit of everything including hip openers, twists, ham string stretches and back bends.

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  • Warm Up, Cool down20:53
    Warm Up, Cool down

    Jean Hall

    The perfect 'bookend' class, which is beautiful for either side of the day, a lovely gentle, warm up, or a cool down and release the day. With long holds, deep twists and supported backbends, this is a really nourishing start of your day practice, or class to round off your day. For a weekend treat, we recommend following with Jean's Vinyasa class now your body is open. You will need a block.

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