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  • Open Up To Feel Good With Yoga & Somatics01:00:20
    Open Up To Feel Good With Yoga & Somatics

    Ava Riby-Williams

    A yoga and somatics class to help you learn more about the way you like to move. Many of us have a tricky relationship with feeling good; do we really take time to find out what feels good within ourselves? Pleasure is an embodied experience and a basic human need, but many of us don’t treat ourselves as we would treat a loved one. This class is an invitation to explore and to learn about yourself. Part improvisational, part guided movements, it is slow paced and sensitive, with plenty of psoas release poses and stretches, to move underlying tension in the body. Move from standing poses and somatic exploration to seated, then laying with legs up the wall and into final relaxation. You will need a block (or books), a strap and access to a wall space.

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