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  • Rocket Happy Hour01:06:33
    Rocket Happy Hour

    Katarina Rayburn

    This dynamic vinyasa yoga class is Rocket Yoga class - an energetic and invigorating practice has its roots from Ashtanga vinyasa. Expect something similar to Ashtanga, but with more flight, more variety and perhaps a little more feisty than you'd get from a primary series class. This class is fast moving, after sun salutes you'll have the opportunity to get into crow pose, and then plenty of more advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions but modifications will be given. Linking breath and movement, this dynamic class will leave you with a sense of play, fun and you'll certainly feel it. Come with an open and playful mind; leave your ego behind and don't be afraid to fly or fall! You will need two bricks.

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  • Salutations To This Day21:51
    Salutations To This Day

    Kristin Campbell

    Start your day the right way with a beautiful slow-flow vinyasa yoga class with variations of Sun salutations to uplift and refresh your energy. A perfect morning yoga class, but great anytime you need an energy refresh!

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  • Take a Break: Yoga & Qigong Part1:  Exhale + Sooth 21:59
    Take a Break: Yoga & Qigong Part1: Exhale + Sooth

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Take a short break from studies or your work. Much of our body’s tension is muscular, but actually, what the muscles and our body crave when we feel tight is deep, satisfying breaths.This short practice releases tension by focusing on exhaling fully and uses Burmese qigong, chest and shoulder openings and forward folds to calm and sooth the mind. Perfect for taking a break to release tension during the day, but also great after a hard day's work. Clothing by Rumi X.

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  • Restorative Reset22:41
    Restorative Reset

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A very peaceful restorative yoga. Restorative yoga relies on the use of props to rest and relax deeply into poses, to encourage the body to take deep rest, so that you have the appropriate energy at the appropriate time. A recommended class for everyone who has a busy life, to rest, release and restore. You will need a strap, a bolster, and two yoga bricks.

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  • Radiant Face15:13
    Radiant Face

    Lucy McCarthy

    The first in our 3 part series designed to make you feel bright and fabulous both inside and out. Starting with super fun facial exercises, moving through gentle forward folds and finishing in a rejuvenating inversion, this flow will leave you not only with a radiant face but also ready to deal with stressful situations in general. You will need a block or thick book and a wall space for legs up the wall.

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  • Guided Relaxation with Graham06:36
    Guided Relaxation with Graham

    Graham Burns

    This very short guided relaxation through visualising points of light in the body is amazing to help you to calm, decompress and deeply relax. Amazing for just before bed, but you can also do this great relaxation practice really effectively sitting down at any time. Feeling stressed on the bus or train? Try this out. Six minutes of heaven for deep peace.

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  • Release the day23:30
    Release the day

    Kate Walker

    After work: Wind down and de-stress with this short after-work sequence. Kate bases the practice around some delicious shoulder openers - perfect if you’ve spent hours in front of the screen.

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  • After work: Release & restore23:05
    After work: Release & restore

    Lucy McCarthy

    This wonderful nurturing practice introduces the idea of restorative practice ”“ constructive rest - often the very best thing to do after a hard day at work. Lucy guides a practice using the support of blankets and cushions and finishes with the legs against the wall ”“ the most effective poses to rest the body and settle the mind.

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