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  • Rocket Happy Hour01:06:33
    Rocket Happy Hour

    Katarina Rayburn

    This dynamic vinyasa yoga class is Rocket Yoga class - an energetic and invigorating practice has its roots from Ashtanga vinyasa. Expect something similar to Ashtanga, but with more flight, more variety and perhaps a little more feisty than you'd get from a primary series class. This class is fast moving, after sun salutes you'll have the opportunity to get into crow pose, and then plenty of more advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions but modifications will be given. Linking breath and movement, this dynamic class will leave you with a sense of play, fun and you'll certainly feel it. Come with an open and playful mind; leave your ego behind and don't be afraid to fly or fall! You will need two bricks.

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  • Cultivating Vitality01:06:00
    Cultivating Vitality

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    Although we may believe the restorative yoga is best before bed, this practice has been designed for you to practice first thing in the morning, so that you may experience the level of presence and vitality as it filter through your day. Granted this may be on the weekend, but do try it and experience first hand your vitality through this nourishing restorative practice.

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  • Live at Yoga Garden Party: Rebalance with the Prana Vayus01:20
    Live at Yoga Garden Party: Rebalance with the Prana Vayus

    Zephyr Wildman

    This class on the Prana-Vayus is an experiential exploration into your breath-work. A must for all practitioners! Prana is lifeforce and Vayus mean the vehicle to experience the lifeforce. Starting with a short talk on the role of prana in the body, the class moves into some slow, steady vinyasa and then further breath-work followed by a long guided meditation. A truly balancing, calming and energising class, deeply rooted in the origins of yoga, perfect for finding out more about this beautiful practice. Suitable for all levels.

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  • Live at Yoga Garden Party: Decompression - Yoga for self-care01:03:55
    Live at Yoga Garden Party: Decompression - Yoga for self-care

    Kirsty Norton

    A very gentle hatha yoga class designed to give you self-care, self-nurturing. Starting supine, on a bolster, the class goes through gentle hatha moves, breath-work and meditation to give yourself the decompression you need when you're dealing with a busy, sometimes overwhelming life. You will need a bolster.

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  • Yoga for Self Care01:29:01
    Yoga for Self Care

    Clive Fogelman

    It's time to get seriously comfy! This relaxation class is about taking some time and space for yourself. Perhaps you feel really busy and overwhelmed. Maybe you have been ill recently. Maybe you have been helping others a lot and now it’s time to look after yourself. Starting with self-massage, and then with relaxation, this is an opportunity for nurturing ourselves and creating deep nourishment and replenishment. You may need blankets, massage oils, a bolster and an eye pillow.

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