Re-charge Fatigue › Under 10 mins


  • Mental Reboot08:47
    Mental Reboot

    David Kam

    Get back to focus and mental clarity! The ultimate coffee alternative to stimulate the brains back to focus. Perfect for those who are looking to boost productivity or simply in need of refining your coordination skills. Expect fun co-ordination games that you can do almost anywhere which will make your brain ache!!

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  • Five Minute Energy Reset04:28
    Five Minute Energy Reset

    Lucy McCarthy

    A quick, powerful shake-up class to shake off stagnant, negative energy. Includes full body shakedown, lions breath, fountain breath. For whenever you feel like you need to change your energy naturally! Perfect to start the day or to take a short break during the day.

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  • Rocket mandala Sun Salutations08:27
    Rocket mandala Sun Salutations

    Jonelle Lewis

    Fun, flowy, sun salutations. Perfect as an add-on, as a warm up or if you have just a few minutes in the morning, these Sun Salutations will wake you up and get you moving. We do suggest you practice a savasana afterwards, or another cooling practice, to finish up!

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  • More Gentle Bed Exercises08:04
    More Gentle Bed Exercises

    Barbara Gallani

    A class especially created for lying in bed. Perfect if you're not feeling well, or have long-term illness or fatigue. These gentle strengthening exercises, using Somatic techniques, are ideal for very gently strengthening the body, whilst not exerting much energy. You can do these exercises in bed - you will need a rolled up blanket.

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  • Chair and Limited Mobility Yoga Sequence - Flexion & Extension04:17
    Chair and Limited Mobility Yoga Sequence - Flexion & Extension

    Lizzie Reumont

    We all are in flexion or extension, just we don't know it! This sequence is great at getting you back to your centre, at helping with your balance. Great for when you're in a chair, or at work, also demonstrated standing, this sequence will be brilliant for those recovering from illness, surgery, seniors and if you just want to return to your centre gently.

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  • Quick Fix To Calm05:10
    Quick Fix To Calm

    Kirsty Norton

    Have this in your yoga toolkit - its super effective at changing your mindset and bringing you calm in a matter of minutes. Practice this every day if you can. You can do this practice either lying down, it's great before bed - or on a chair if you're needing to melt away tension at work.

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  • Guided Relaxation08:23
    Guided Relaxation

    Bridget Woods-Kramer

    This is a guided relaxation in Savasana (Corpse Pose). You may want to use this lovely long savasana at the end of any of our longer, more dynamic classes to help you to let go and cultivate compassion towards yourself and others. Also a beautiful relaxation for anytime you need to be de-stressed and chilled out.

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  • Guided Relaxation with Graham06:36
    Guided Relaxation with Graham

    Graham Burns

    This very short guided relaxation through visualising points of light in the body is amazing to help you to calm, decompress and deeply relax. Amazing for just before bed, but you can also do this great relaxation practice really effectively sitting down at any time. Feeling stressed on the bus or train? Try this out. Six minutes of heaven for deep peace.

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