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Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic, flowing and physically demanding practice. Ashtanga synchronises breath and movement to produce an internal heat and is good for building strength and mobility. An ashtanga yoga practise moves through a set sequences of poses and vinyasas. Ashtangi's start with the primary series, although for most of us, the primary series has more than enough to challenge us. Ashtanga can be practiced by fit and mobile beginners, but we recommend taking it slowly and with variations. If you enjoy Ashtanga Yoga, you may also like vinyasa yoga, power yoga, Forrest yoga and Jivamukti yoga. We also recommend Yin Yoga as a really excellent complement to Ashtanga.


  •  Breath and Bandhas De-Mystified26:56
    Breath and Bandhas De-Mystified

    Corrie Ananda

    An explanation of the connection between breath and bandhas - the cornerstone of a yoga, and especially important for Ashtanga yoga practice. A thorough explanation and tutorial into how best feel the bandhas, and how the yoga breathing combines with the bandhas.

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