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These practices are specifically designed by our expert teachers to help you to sleep. They will reduce the anxieties and stress of the day and bring you to a more meditative state which will give you a much better night's sleep.

You may be surprised at how little movements in the right direction can really affect the quality of your life, improve your night and the next day. Guaranteed.


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  • Sleep Recovery Series (3): Restorative Pick Me Up20:28
    Sleep Recovery Series (3): Restorative Pick Me Up

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    This yoga class teaches the set up of restorative yoga poses to bring you into the mental and physical states which repair your ability to sleep at night, whilst helping to replenish energy during the day. These gentle restorative yoga poses will gently energise you, perfect for a midday pause or great as a gentle way to start the day. Poses include legs up the chair pose, lying down goddess pose and child's pose. After you've learnt the set up for these poses we recommend you learn the set up and stay in position for a minimum of 3 minutes for each pose. You'll need a chair or a sofa, a blanket, a belt and two bolsters or sofa cushions. Lisa talks us through the set up of these props, and how to use sofa cushions for a comfortable restorative goddess pose.

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