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Travelling takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Whether you're you're fighting jet lag after a long flight of or spending endless hours on the road, this special Travel SOS video series will help you unravel and unwind so you can feel amazing as you embark on your journey.



  • Chair Restorative Yoga41:31
    Chair Restorative Yoga

    Yvonne OGarro

    This restorative yoga class demonstrates how we can use everyday props to create a restorative practice, and feeling of calm. This class is perfect if you have limited space. We use a coffee table, but you can use a sofa or a chair - and you may need bolsters, pillows or cushions to help to make you feel nourished and supported. The first pose is a standing forward fold using a chair or sofa to support you, so this is a restorative inversion, perfect for after a hard day at work or after travelling. Also perfect for after travel or a hard day's work, we move into a seated twist, which is great for improving our everyday posture as we round towards our tech devices more and more. The third posture is a relaxing, seated forward fold over your chair or sofa. You will need a chair, bed or sofa and whatever cushions or pillows you have on hand to support you, and an eye pillow. Practice this class alongside this playlist.

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