Vinyasa Flow › Mercedes Ngoh

Vinyasa flow is dynamic flowing style of yoga. It's really popular and we love it because it covers a real breadth of teachers and teaching styles from a fast 'power' flow to an alignment based or more meditative flow. Vinyasa flow is when we harmonize breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom.



  • Advanced Hip Vinyasa01:01:12
    Advanced Hip Vinyasa

    Mercedes Ngoh

    This deep hips and arm balance yoga class will challenge everyone. Mercedes gets straight to the stiffest parts of the hips weaving creative vinyasa, hand and leg balances with deep hip openers. The class opens with a grounding centering chant to bring the body to one pointed focus (Eka Grata). Mercedes builds the form to Archer, Yogin Dandasana and Grasshopper ”“ a twisted out arm balance. This class is sure to clear those stiff hips and touch every layer of your being. You may need a block to sit.

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