Yin/Restorative › 45 to 60 mins


  • Liberate Your Hips: A Yin/Yang Flow47:57
    Liberate Your Hips: A Yin/Yang Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    This yoga class is a mix between yin and yang to increase mobility in the hip joint. Starting with yin yoga and Qigong, it then gently flows towards some more yang poses to work the inner and outer hips and to free up the spine for a lovely balanced way to liberate the whole body. This class is perfect for a slightly gentler morning choice or in the evening if you've spent the day seated or standing. Working with the water element, it brings softness and a sense of letting go. You will need two bricks and a strap.

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  • Balancing Yang and Yin56:21
    Balancing Yang and Yin

    Clive Fogelman

    This class is, we think, the perfect balance! With balance of movement and stillness. The first part of the class is focused on fluid movement, and the second part is more restorative, a yin class. With plenty of hip stretches, the class is ideal for stretching after periods of sitting or after work or travel. We love practicing this class early evening, first to move to get the stress of the day moving out of your body, and then the yin to soften and release into the evening. You might need some blocks or cushions for support during the yin part of the practice.

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  • Honour Your Flow: Restorative Yoga for Your Cycle54:03
    Honour Your Flow: Restorative Yoga for Your Cycle

    Lucy McCarthy

    This restorative yoga class is especially for low energy days. Suitable for everyone who needs extra nourishment and support, but these poses are especially great to also relieve symptoms you may experience during your moontime such as releasing heat from hips, relieving cramps, headache and aching. Restorative yoga is wonderful at restoring energy levels, cooling the body and calming the body’s system. You will need a bolster, a chair, two bricks, an eye-bag and a blanket.

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  •  Yin Yoga for Freedom47:02
    Yin Yoga for Freedom

    Norman Blair

    A quiet, restful yin yoga class where each pose is held for long enough to truly deepen into your yoga. As we deepen into our stretches, we become closer to our bodies, to who we are. We are able to start to live life from the authentic place of where we are, not where we were or where we want to be. Fantastic life-skills in the form of yoga. You will need cushions or a bolster and a blanket and prepare to deepen your yoga practice

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