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  • Transformation Course
    Transformation Course

    30 Steps

    Join Zephyr Wildman to progress and extend your yoga practice with dynamic flows and deep meditations.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 2
    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 2

    10 Steps

    A 10-class course led by Adam Hocke and Mimi Kuo-Deemer inspired by Buddhism.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1
    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1

    32 Steps

    This course introduces Patanjali's eight-limbed path.

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  • Positive Psychology Yoga (1): Zest28:57
    Positive Psychology Yoga (1): Zest

    Mercedes Sieff

    This is the first of Mercedes' Positive Psychology infused vinyasa yoga sequences! Zest is a way of approaching life - it's an energy but also a way of cultivating a positive approach to problems. This fast and fun vinyasa flow is not for attaining each pose, but about keeping a positive outlook even through challenge. This yoga class leads to advanced arm balance s- perfect for a well-rounded, energy-filled start to the day. But do be careful and only practice within your body's limitations. Remember that this class is about working on your an approach to poses and building courage rather than achievement!

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