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On this page you can search for the kind of video and movement which will suit you best. If you have a limited amount of time, that’s an easy way of narrowing a search. If you know which teacher you want to follow, that’s also pretty easy. You’ll also know whether you’re just starting out, so if you’re a beginner, just check out our fine selection of beginning level, if you’ve been doing yoga for a while, that’s how to limit the choice.




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  • Evening Yin/Yang Flow37:16
    Evening Yin/Yang Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    A peaceful Yin/Yang flow to wind down and relax for the end of the day. With some spinal rolling and freeing, some poses from QiGong, some restorative and Yin poses, this fusion yoga class is a perfect way to wind down and relax at the end of the day, or for whenever you need to calm, nourish and restore yourself. The perfect self-care solution to our overwhelmed lives. You will need a bolster (or pillows), a blanket, 2 yoga bricks and a foam block and a strap.

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  • Upward Facing Dog tutorial02:36
    Upward Facing Dog tutorial

    Andrew McGonigle

    A tutorial on Upward Facing Dog. A very common yoga pose, but often in misalignment, this tutorial will help you to gain correct alignment in this pose.

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  • Hip Yin Yoga: Above The Knees - Below The Navel31:24
    Hip Yin Yoga: Above The Knees - Below The Navel

    Norman Blair

    A hip-focused Yin Yoga class. In this class we replace intensity of form with length of time, so we hold shapes for minutes in order to move deeply from within. This hip-focused class is perfect for those of us with a sedentary lifestyle, who spend too much time seated, especially at desks or in the car, or for athletes, especially runners and cyclists who can suffer from tight hips, which can cause back troubles. You may need blocks, blankets, bricks and a bolster with this class.

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  • Love Your Joints04:48
    Love Your Joints

    Kirsty Norton

    This very gentle, short class is perfect if you've been travelling, sitting all day, or if you're recovering from injury or illness. We should all give our joints a little love each day, and this quick sequence gently mobilises and releases tightness.

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  • The Art Of Surrender46:53
    The Art Of Surrender

    Nikita Akilapa

    A yogic lesson in letting go, reminding us that giving it up is by no means giving in. A vinyasa yoga class which has you courageously explore your relationship with surrender, on your journey towards Hanumansana (the spits in yoga) - stopping at koudinyasana B and Bird of Paradise on the way. Class starts with supine hamstring openers and then we up the pace for more feisty poses. You'll need a strap and two blocks.

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  • Scaravelli Style Pelvic Balance Workshop46:29
    Scaravelli Style Pelvic Balance Workshop

    Catherine Annis

    A beautiful Scaravelli workshop style yoga class, for you to deepen your practice, your knowledge and to increase your body awareness. This class focuses on finding balance in the hip and pelvic area. Not so much a movement yoga class, more an exercise in developing sensitivity to, and finding balance and stability in your pelvis, hips and sacrum with very subtle, small movements and exercises in weight distribution.

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