Yvonne  OGarro

Yvonne OGarro

Curiosity took me into my first yoga class, where I can recall saying “next week I’ll try it for a laugh”. Balāsana (Child’s Pose) was the pose that made me fall in love with yoga in 2006.

My yoga practice deepened over the years and I started to take an interest in philosophy and noticed was far less stressed, more patient and grounded than before. Anna Ashby, Senior Faculty Teacher at triyoga, is my teacher, I have practiced with Anna since 2007 and am proud to have completed my 350hr Yoga Teacher Training diploma under Anna & Tony Watson’s guidance.

My practice has moved from more dynamic to quieter practice in recent years and am most connected to Restorative practices of which I completed 33 hours of Restorative Practices with Anna in 2018.

I have attended intensives and workshops with Anna, Dianne Bondy, Faith Hunter, Donna Farhi, Simon Low and experienced a wonderful tour of South Indian temples in 2018.

Restorative yoga is a passion; I love the use of props in the longer held positions, allowing students to move from "fight or flight" mode (Sympathetic nervous system) into pure relaxation (Parasympathetic nervous system).

Restorative yoga poses are all supine and are held between 5 - 15 mins; using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to aid your relaxation and allowing you to reconnect with your breath whilst being fully supported by the props. The practice increases your well-being as the calming environment lifts your mood, contributing to stress relief. During a 60-minute class, I will guide you into 4 or 5 postures: both symmetrical and asymmetrical, providing the body with a total sense of ease.

I believe that Restorative Yoga can also contribute to workplace well-being and decrease the 15.4 million days lost to stress related sickness absence in 2018.

I had a long career as a HR Business Partner where I recently switched to full time yoga teaching to achieve both personal balance and to increase the opportunities to share the benefits of Restorative & Hatha Yoga.

One of Pātañjali's sūtras really resonates with me and I often quote it in my classes to remind students that yoga is not just the physical practice, āsana. "Yogas-citta-vritti-nirodhah (Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind) (1:2)".


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