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Together, we're reading our fabulous MFML teacher Mimi Kuo-Deemer's latest book

'Xiu Yang - Self cultivation for a happier, healthier and balanced life'

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Tuesday June 18th - 18.00 UK time - Introducing Book Club
Tuesday June 25th - 18.00 UK time - Intro and Part I: The Art of Xiu Yang
Tuesday July 9th - 18.00 UK Time - Part 2 - Xiu Yang for a Healthy and Harmonious Body
Tuesday July 16th - 18.00 UK Time - Part 3 - Xiu Yang for a Balanced Mental and Emotional Life
Tuesday July 30th- 18.00 UK Time - Part 4 - Xiu Yang for a Happier Place in the World


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Xiu Yang - Self cultivation for a happier, healthier and balanced life

For centuries, Chinese sages, rulers and spiritual seekers have embraced a simple yet powerful principle to enable them to live in harmony with the Source of nature and all life; the art of ‘self-cultivation’ or, xiu yang.

Xiu yang works with the idea that we can steadily  nurture our capacity to being fully human and fully awake. Like a field that is patiently cultivated to optimally grow the nourishing and healthy crops, we can undertake practices aimed at smoothing out the roughness and irregularities in our bodies, minds and spirits in order to produce a deep, lasting  spiritual happiness.

Xiu yang promotes the idea that inner balance leads to outer radiance: in order to be in harmony with the world, we must first be in harmony with ourselves. By tending to the field of our own bodies, hearts, minds and relationships, we can start making positive changes within our lives and in the lives of others.

In this nurturing life guide, Mimi Kuo-Deemer champions the contemporary value of adopting this ancient approach of inner balance. Through a combination of practices from meditation and  mindfulness to yoga and qigong, Xiu Yang offers a fresh approach to finding balance and bringing peace into your life, home and community.