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Welcome to the Movement for Modern Life community – Movers who make small steps daily towards a healthier lifestyle. Check out our Beginners Videos here.

  • Beginners 1: Move with the breath 17:02
    Beginners 1: Move with the breath

    Clare Beagley

    Brand new to yoga? Unsure about where to start? Take Clare’s beginners series which is an unfussy approach to the fundamentals. Moving with the breath is the first step in yoga. Clare shows the difference between the natural breath and the “ocean” or Ujaii breath and builds in simple standing, kneeling and supine movements. Class finishes with a short relaxation.

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  • Beginners 2 - Foundation Poses24:32
    Beginners 2 - Foundation Poses

    Clare Beagley

    Clare breaks down some of the fundamental yoga poses: Downward facing dog, lunges and cobra. These are building blocks for "Sun Salutations" that are taught in many yoga classes. Clare shows how to position the body: feet, hands, shoulders and hips, and build the poses with the breath into a flow that we’ll use across the beginners series. Class finishes with a short relaxation.

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  • Beginners 3 - Standing Poses29:04
    Beginners 3 - Standing Poses

    Clare Beagley

    Standing poses build up strength and steadiness. Clare explains how to build upon the foundations of the feet and breath and use the muscles of the legs to give stability and space. Class builds in the flow we have learned in previous classes. Props: 2 blocks. Coming next Beginners 4: Twist to Unwind ”¦

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  • Make a gentle start

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    If you’re not yet used to moving in this way, you could start with our Gentle Yoga Series which is also perfect for those with limited mobility or recovering from injury or illness as it includes chair and bed yoga. These are also great to do on lazy days, or for when your motivation is low or at the end of busy, frazzled days or weeks.  You’ll get all the benefits of a yoga class whilst also being kind to yourself. Know that Gentle Yoga is always here for you. 

  • Chair Yoga15:12
    Chair Yoga

    Kirsty Norton

    Making yoga really accessible, this chair yoga class is a short and simple sequence to bring space around the neck and shoulders and at the same time opening up the ribcage to invite in more breath. It will leave you feeling more spacious from the waist up. Great for those with limited mobility as well for practicing in the office or at work.

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  • Gentle Yoga to Nourish and Support Series: (3) Between Heaven & Earth21:10
    Gentle Yoga to Nourish and Support Series: (3) Between Heaven & Earth

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Building on the last class’s focus on rooting to rise, this yoga qi-gong class builds a combination of strength and softness in the arms and hands and upper and lower body. Bring energy upward from stable roots to the spine. We will work to lengthen it and feel how our bodies can become a healthy and nourished axis between heaven and earth.

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  •  Gentle Yoga to Nourish and Support Series: (2) Rooting to Rise 22:16
    Gentle Yoga to Nourish and Support Series: (2) Rooting to Rise

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    In Chinese, there is a saying ‘gen shen di gu’, which means when the roots and deep the foundations are strong. From Moving with the Breath, we shift the focus to rooting firmly down in the earth and allowing our bodies to rise from this firm root up toward the sky. We will practice some more dynamic standing poses after an initial warm-up we practiced in class #1 to feel this connection more fully in our body.

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  • Beginning to flow

    Figuring out how a flow class is put together or what shapes you’ll encounter and how you move in and out of the poses can feel a little confusing. In our Begin (Again) series we break down a class for you in bite sized steps or if you want to get moving straight away, try the Begin (again) Mega-Mix which will give you a steady-paced overview.

  • Bonus: Begin (again) Mega-mix49:37
    Bonus: Begin (again) Mega-mix

    Adam Hocke

    A bonus flow of Adam's Begin (again) Yoga challenge, putting together the individual practices of the 7-day challenge. This is an opportunity to take the skills you learned over the week and see how they come together in a full-length class. Perfect for those who have completed Adam's 7-day challenge, or those who are ready to begin their yoga practice again with a beginners' vinyasa yoga flow class.

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  • Vinyasa SOS: Beginners04:25
    Vinyasa SOS: Beginners

    Lucy McCarthy

    A short tutorial for beginners, people new to vinyasa flow and those with any lower back issues.  Find here the how and what the sequence of a 'vinyasa' is and how to modify it with integrity and alignment.

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  • Beginning to Flow, Part 130:23
    Beginning to Flow, Part 1

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    The follow on from the beginners videos. This is a sequence teaching us how to link some of the postures we have learned in the stepping stones and beginners' series together. With plenty of technique and alignment cues, this yoga class is great for those who want to start to flow - for you to develop your practice. Plenty of forward bends.

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  • Foundation Poses

    Our beginners classes will guide you through some foundation poses. These are the shapes that you are most likely to encounter again and again in yoga classes. Here are a dozen yoga poses (or asana) you’ll encounter in a yoga class and you can explore them over the next few pages, where you’ll also find a class you can do till you’re familiar with the poses. Get started with Breathing for Beginners, or try an overview of Foundational Poses with our Begin (again) Mega-Mix.

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