Yoga For Beginners

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If you're fit, mobile and ready to start your yoga practice, these classes are the perfect way to start. Remember to go at your own pace and take it easy, not hard!.

Make a gentle start

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Gentle Yoga Classes are ideal for seniors, those with limited mobility or recovering from injury or illness. Also great for lazy days, to re-charge fatigue, when your motivation is low or at the end of busy, frazzled days. Get all the benefits of a yoga class whilst also being kind to yourself. Know that Gentle Yoga is always here for you.

Yoga for Beginners Course

If you're new to yoga, but fit and mobile, join our new 4-week Yoga for Beginners course. You'll receive a weekly email with suggested progressive classes and enjoy a range of teachers to find different styles and ways to yoga!

Beginning to flow

Figuring out how a flow class is put together or what shapes you'll encounter and how you move in and out of the poses can feel a little confusing. In our Begin (Again) series we break down a class for you in bite sized steps or if you want to get moving straight away, try the Begin (again) Mega-Mix which will give you a steady-paced overview.

Foundation Poses

Our beginners yoga classes will guide you through some foundation poses. These are the shapes that you are most likely to encounter again and again in yoga classes. Here are a dozen yoga poses (or asana) you'll encounter in a yoga class and you can explore them over the next few pages, where you'll also find a class you can do till you're familiar with the poses. Get started with Breathing for Beginners, or try an overview of Foundational Poses with our Begin (again) Mega-Mix.

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