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Movement for Modern Life is so chuffed to finally have jumped on the podcast wagon! In our podcast, Founder of Movement for Modern Life, Kat Farrants, will meet Champions of Change – those who are changing the world, and helping us all to live a more healthy, happy and sustainable life, as well as meeting experts who can all help us to Move More. Live More.

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Robin Watkins - Davis

Movement for Modern Life Episode 1: Champion of Change Robin Watkins-Davis

Wooohooo!!! It’s our first podcast and Kat is absolutely over-excited to chat to Champion of Change, Teen yoga ambassador, Robin Watkins-Davis. Robin is the youngest person to qualify as a yoga teacher in the UK and shares her insights into:
- how yoga helped her anxiety as a teenager
- her vision for sharing yoga with young people
- how yoga was a superpower that turned her from struggling student to A grade.

'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’.

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Vidya Heisel

Champion of Change 2: Vidya Heisel

Vidya’s mission in her newest project is to reverse desertification in southern Spain. Southern Spain is at massive risk of becoming a desert, which means that the land will be irreversibly unusable. Vidya Heisel is founder of Frog Lotus Yoga International, Suryalila and Danyadara, and is one of the most senior and respected teachers of yoga in the world. The story Vidya tells is one of her resourcefulness in educating herself around the issues to manage her yoga retreat land, and passion to educate and inspire people about different ways of managing the land, and the impact intensive farming has on the planet. The practice of mindfulness around the preciousness of our resources is key to Vidya’s message, her work truly is yoga in action.

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Jyoti Manuel

Champion of Change 3: Jyoti Manuel

In our third episode highlighting the work of some of the most inspiring people, Kat meets Jyoti Manuel, founder of Special Yoga Global.

‘When it’s your soul’s calling, it lights you up to do the work’.

Jyoti has been practicing yoga for four decades and working with special needs people. Find out how yoga helps special children and how tand teaching is that of listening

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David Kam

Champion of Change 4: David Kam

In this very inspiring conversation you’ll meet Movement Artist David Kam who is a champion of change, but not in the usual way. He is a champion of changing things up! We discuss the art of responsiveness.

‘My purpose to break boundaries and remember what the point is of yoga is. Shedding light where you lack awareness.’

Take a sideways look at yoga with David. If you were nudged sideways, would you fall? Find out from David how his teaching is to build new connections and new patterns of responsiveness.

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Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Champion of Change 5: Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Mimi Kuo-Deemer is one of the most inspiring and scholarly yoga and qigong teachers you’re likely to meet. She combines a sense of humour in story telling, with telling us how it is. In this chat, Mimi shares her radical vision of a sustainable health and fitness. This is a vision in which we move for our health and wellbeing not for a sense of accomplishment. Where our target is to live more in tune with the natural world and our life’s rhythms.

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Norman Blair

Champion of Change 6: Norman Blair

Norman shines a light on how our yoga practice is an everyday practice of living a life with meaning and integrity. In this discussion we talk about the small steps we might take to become a constructive agent of change, and how we can become more conscious influencers of change in the world.

In this discussion we discuss what yoga teaching has to do with living a meaningful life, how we might find meaning in our lives, and the importance, as yogis, of living a life full of honesty and integrity and challenging complacency.

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 7: Henrietta Norton

With a background in biochemistry and having worked for supplement companies, it was Henrietta's battle with endometriosis which led her on a journey to find out why traditional supplements weren't working and improve nutritional supplements.

In this incredibly wide ranging conversation we discuss why it is that conventional supplements have such high dosage, and will never be able to serve the body's nutritional requirements.

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 8: Andrea Kwiatkowski

In this conversation with internationally renowned Jivamukti and Yin yoga teacher, Andrea Kwaitkowski we have a really wide ranging conversation about what does it mean to take our yoga practice off the mat and out into the world? This is a conversation about connecting back to yourself, our connections with others and finding the extraordinary in the most ordinary moments. What is yoga anyway? Is it the shapes? And if yoga isn’t about making shapes, why do we make the shapes anyway? 

In this conversation Andrea shows us how her yoga practice is making the everyday decisions, doing the everyday actions, and living her everyday day to day life. It is a way of connecting back to our true selves, and our true joy.

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 9: Kat Farrants

In this episode the tables are turned! Rakhee interviews Kat Farrants on all things change. Kat talks about how she ditched her career in law, found her dharma and started Movement for Modern Life. We also uncover Kat’s obsession with transformation and change, and why it’s the most important thing in life. Knowing that nothing is fixed, we all have the power to change. What is it to feel stuck? How is it that people do feel stuck in their lives and how can we change our lives. Kat has experienced being stuck in the wrong job for years, and having come out is now living the life she never dared dream was possible. How to make that shift? How to move from the life your living to the life of your dreams? Kat shares the practices that helped her to dare to dream, face the fear head on and have the courage to surrender to the best version of her own life and create!

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 10: Adrianna Zaccardi

Movement for Modern Life is so pleased to welcome our newest yoga teacher on the site and our next Champion of Change. Adrianna Zaccardi. She is a radical yoga teacher in that she teaches something many of us need, but so few of us get. Rest.

In this podcast we hear why restorative yoga, taught without music and with minimal instruction is the most radical practice, and why it’s absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing. Hear how restorative yoga can heal you, and the importance of giving permission to yourself to relax into yourself and being able to be accepting of ourselves and others and all that life throws at us.

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 11: Adam Hocke

How did Adam go from being the stiffest guy in yoga class to becoming a yoga teacher.. The inclusivity of Adam’s yoga practice is a hallmark of Adam Hocke’s classes and his approach to yoga as a tool for mental management, his very modern, science-based view of what yoga is, and his thoughts on how yoga could be so crucial for helping men’s mental health makes him truly a Champion of Change.

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Henrietta Norton

Champion of Change 12: Lucy McCarthy

Lucy is a radical, a champion of changing the way we see things, in her approach to yoga philosophy and the way she incorporates seemingly esoteric philosophies into her life. She is a mum, and an incredibly grounded, balanced person, yet manages to incorporate the ancient yogic way of seeing the world into her life.

In this conversation Lucy we delve into the koshas. What are the koshas? How do they help us to understand our yoga journey? Lucy discusses, in her characteristically accessible and down to earth way, what the ancient yogic philosophical concept of the koshas are and how relevant they are to each and every one of us in our journey to find happiness and health.

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