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Movement for Modern Life is so chuffed to finally have jumped on the podcast wagon! In our podcast, Founder of Movement for Modern Life, Kat Farrants, will meet Champions of Change – those who are changing the world, and helping us all to live a more healthy, happy and sustainable life, as well as meeting experts who can all help us to Move More. Live More.

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Robin Watkins - Davis

Movement for Modern Life Episode 1: Champion of Change Robin Watkins-Davis

Wooohooo!!! It’s our first podcast and Kat is absolutely over-excited to chat to Champion of Change, Teen yoga ambassador, Robin Watkins-Davis. Robin is the youngest person to qualify as a yoga teacher in the UK and shares her insights into:
- how yoga helped her anxiety as a teenager
- her vision for sharing yoga with young people
- how yoga was a superpower that turned her from struggling student to A grade.

'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’.

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Vidya Heisel

Champion of Change 2: Vidya Heisel

Vidya’s mission in her newest project is to reverse desertification in southern Spain. Southern Spain is at massive risk of becoming a desert, which means that the land will be irreversibly unusable. Vidya Heisel is founder of Frog Lotus Yoga International, Suryalila and Danyadara, and is one of the most senior and respected teachers of yoga in the world. The story Vidya tells is one of her resourcefulness in educating herself around the issues to manage her yoga retreat land, and passion to educate and inspire people about different ways of managing the land, and the impact intensive farming has on the planet. The practice of mindfulness around the preciousness of our resources is key to Vidya’s message, her work truly is yoga in action.

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Vidya Heisel

Champion of Change 3: Jyoti Manuel

In our third episode highlighting the work of some of the most inspiring people, Kat meets Jyoti Manuel, founder of Special Yoga Global.

‘When it’s your soul’s calling, it lights you up to do the work’.

Jyoti has been practicing yoga for four decades and working with special needs people. Find out how yoga helps special children and how tand teaching is that of listening

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