We believe life without
movement, goes nowhere.

When we move more, we feel more.
When we feel more, we live more.
It's time to stand up and stretch out.

Because we believe
A yoga class starts when you say.
We believe in 4am sessions.
In dodgy tracksuit bottoms.
In the privacy of your own home.

This is yoga and wellbeing online.
Anytime. anywhere. any wear.
Here the best teachers
Are your teachers.
The leading studios count you in.
And the videos won't let you sit still.

Because this is a movement.
A movement you log in to.
Take to your laptops, your tablets,
Your smartphones.
And let the revolution begin.

Come one, come all, come move.
Onwards. upwards. outwards. inwards.
Move more, and move more often.
Every single day. move mind and body.
For health and strength.

Forward ever, backward never.
This movement is your movement.
The movement for modern life.




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