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Movement for Modern Life is the UK’s online yoga and wellbeing provider. We produce beautifully made HD videos with only the leading British yoga, movement and mindfulness teachers, and showcase our content in our online community. We now offer our hundreds of videos as an employer wellbeing solution, so that employees can gain all the benefits of mindful movement.

We are on a mission to improve employee wellbeing through prevention. The worst causes of absenteeism and issues of turnover, morale or productivity are often the same causes of long term disability. These include anxiety, depression, stress, and musculoskeletal disorders (bad back and shoulders, wrist and neck problems). And to top it off, these pathologies are often inter-related. Our bodies start to give us SOS messages, developing physical symptoms when under psychological stress in a process called somatisation.1 It makes the most sense to address physical and mental health in tandem!

Many people start with a gym membership and rely on the effect of endorphins to improve their mental health and sense of wellbeing. Movement in gyms is fantastic, but it doesn’t suit us all and does not give us all the transformative benefits of mindful movement plus breath-work.2

Mindful movement plus meditation is a solution for folks to relieve stress. Yoga is mindful movement plus breath-work. And it is incredibly effective in improving well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace.3 The trouble is 'yoga' and 'meditation' are troubled words. Not everyone would feel inclined to go to a class. Let alone have the time to do so.

This where Movement for Modern Life steps in. With us, mindful movement plus breathing techniques are really easy for people. With a library of over 300 online videos (with 3 new ones added each week!), employees benefit wherever they are, on any device. At bedtime, people can watch videos to prepare them for sleep, or in the morning to help them energise! We can white label or iframe our content for an employer’s intranet, so employees can access us at their desks, or on the lunchroom tv at any time of day. We actually encourage employers to allow staff to use MFML at work throughout the day so they can meet the minimum health recommendation to combat sitting disease. 4, 5, 6

We know that we all have different needs and priorities across generations. The modern employee life cycle is a challenge MFML can help employers with. Whether they need to cater to millennials who want a hangover fix,7 pregnant or post-natal women on PMT,8 employees facing serious illness or life events,9 or folks who are a bit older,10 our Movement can help at any age.

Besides addressing mental and physical employee health, we also provide content that crosses the intersections of positive psychology and yoga. A key component of our content is intention setting, an invaluable tool to help people focus on the day ahead. Because our thoughts make our reality, think of it as drawing a map of where you wish to go. Once employees learn how to harness the amazing tool of intention they gain control over their emotional life and can roadmap their success at work and everywhere else.

Not only is Movement for Modern Life a hack for life, it is an opportunity to tune the wellbeing culture of any workplace. We are a highly visible solution to the problem of the modern sedentary lifestyle and can help staff combat stress, anxiety and depression, increase focus and productivity, as well as enable people to become their best selves.

Support your employees by giving them the chance to get up, move, breathe, focus, and let go - right at their desk. Your health isn’t something you leave at home. You need it all day. Everyone does. Join our revolution by leading your own. Contact us for more information on bringing Movement for Modern Life into your workplace.


Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School studies how your body language affects others - and even your own brain! If you want to feel more powerful, taking up space in a 'power pose' actually raises testosterone, your dominance hormone, and lowers cortisol, your stress hormone.1 Improve your resilience and feel empowered with one of these videos:

Warrior Vinyasa
MoveTime Teacher Level
37:49 Liz Lark Intermediate/Advanced

A strong, creative vinyasa sequence focusing around the Warrior poses. Beautiful, creative sequencing in this yoga class bringing strength, willpower and determination.Then a beautifully restorative, meditative counter-balance to the vinyasa sequence. The first part is intermediate, but we encourage improvers to just try - and everyone will enjoy the second, releasing part.

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  • Big Day 3 - The Power Poses18:10
    Big Day 3 - The Power Poses

    Lucy McCarthy

    A series of poses to give you the inner vibrancy to give you the confidence which will give you your inner power back. This is the third part in Lucy's Big Day series - this short video is great for the day before the Big Day, be that your wedding, a presentation, a job interview, or anytime when YOU matter. Lucy shows you some poses which you can strike just before you go in for the big event. Enjoy this fun class, and you may be surprised at how powerful you have become!

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  • Vinyasa for Empowerment42:51
    Vinyasa for Empowerment

    Leila Sadeghee

    Increase your empowerment, your brightness, your clarity through this creatively sequenced Anusara inspired vinyasa yoga class. This class is a beautiful reminder of our own empowerment and ability to transform how we can feel through our yoga practice. A beautifully sequenced, alignment-focused vinyasa yoga class which reminds us of having fun with yoga and physically embodying our personal power.

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  • Open to Power - Standing Series51:29
    Open to Power - Standing Series

    Aoife Kane

    If you’re looking to build more strength in your practice ”“ this is for you. Aoife’s slow-burn practice generates heat to create a powerful opening in the body. Class finishes with a peaceful relaxation.

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  • Stress/Anxiety

    Being a firefighter is a high stress job. A group of firefighters did yoga for six weeks and said it made a significant difference to their stress levels as well as lowered musculoskeletal pain, and improved their ability to focus.1 If your job involves putting out fires in an office, yoga can also reduce your chronic stress, anxiety and improve resilience.2 Start lowering your cortisol and increasing your alpha waves (sign of increased relaxation) now.3 Try these videos:

    Yoga for Anxiety
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    38:32 Leila Sadeghee Improvers

    This is a yoga class for when your head is a 'swiling thought mess'. Class starts with some energetic jumping lunges (feel free to give these a miss if you're not up to them!) - then the class intersperses asana to open and release the hips with calming breath exercises. Suitable for all levels, although not everyone may be able to keep up with Leila's energy levels at the start of class, but persevere if you can! The remaining 30 minutes of yoga and breath-work is much more peaceful and bound to see your anxiety levels to calm and managable levels.

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  • Slow it down hatha14:43
    Slow it down hatha

    Kirsty Norton

    A lovely, short yin-inspired hatha yoga class, superb for settling down after a long day's work. With a focus on releasing tension, especially held in the hips, this is wonderful to unwind tension after sitting all day or before bed to feel nourished and restored. You will need a belt.

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  • Sugar Detox 232:02
    Sugar Detox 2

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    This second sugar detox yoga class is a sweet treat to help 'rest & digest' and particularly helps with anxiety or tension. A flowing, gentle class with lots of deep lunges, twists and thigh stretches to help improve the digestion and settle the nervous system. Practice includes the 3-part breath and a sumptuous restorative with the legs on a chair. Props: You will need a chair or a clear wall and might need a block and a belt.

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  • Relax and Soothe into the Evening25:28
    Relax and Soothe into the Evening

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This yin yoga class is entirely at the wall. This means that the wall will aid you to relax and deepen your positions, you can relax into the wall so that tension melts away. This class is the perfect antidote for after a busy day at work. Using a wall changes the bloodflow and improves circulation. You will need a bolster.

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  • Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Low back pain affects 80% of us at some point in our lives.1 Yoga studies have shown improvement in back pain,2 headaches,3 neck strain 4 and carpal tunnel.5 Take the time to try moving with us, whether it’s a stretch at your desk or quick neck release. We can help.

    Stretch At Your Desk
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    16:25 Kate Walker Beginners

    A short stretch at your desk. This class is great for the middle of the day if you can't get out the office but your body and mind need to wake up. You could even just learn a couple of these simple chair yoga poses to learn for every day. These will help your desk-bound back and hips and help focus your mind.

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  • Quick Neck Release06:36
    Quick Neck Release

    Kristi Rodelli

    The neck holds so much unnecessary tension. This short tutorial class gives you essental tools to deal with daily tension which accumulate in the neck and upper shoulders. The class releases the neck, upper trapezius, helps release the jaw, elbows and wrists and allows greater bloodflow to the brain. No need to be on a yoga mat, do this class everywhere and anywhere, every day and feel the tension slip away.

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  • Keyboard Users: Protect Your Wrists08:36
    Keyboard Users: Protect Your Wrists

    Lizzie Reumont

    Some short exercises to help protect and release your wrist joints. This class is ideal for those who use computers, smart phones or laptops a lot, as the wrist joints really do suffer through modern life. One exercise which can be performed at the desk and the other exercises are for the end of the day on the mat. Thanks to Wellicious for their gorgeous clothing!

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  • Easy Spine: 108:00
    Easy Spine: 1

    Leila Sadeghee

    Stiff or painful back and shoulders? Maybe you’re wondering how to build movement into your daily life? Take this 4-part series with Leila and benefit from this easy to follow straightforward routine. Easy and effective pain relief and maintenance for those of you who are new to yoga, who are working with injuries or those with very limited time. Props: Yoga block or stack of books. Yoga belt or tie/scarf.

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  • Focus

    Mindful meditation on its own has been shown to help people avoid distractions 1 and develop a longer attention span.2 An added tenant of yoga is to set your intention before you even get started. Before you start on your day’s to-do list, you can decide what kind of day you want to have. Our thoughts can change our reality. While stressful or anxious thoughts can damage the body, positive thoughts can be restorative. Just think of how powerful the placebo effect is. 3 Patients have even had fake knee surgery and felt healed! Try intention setting and improve your focus with these videos.

    Increasing Focus Through Meditation
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    17:45 Alexander Filmer-Lorch All Levels

    This simple guided meditation practice induces Alpha brainwave activity. Under the influence of Alpha brainwave activity the ever busy mind begins to relax and our attention shifts into a state of open focus. Best to be practised when we need to absorb and contain huge amounts of knowledge and increase our learning abilities, memory functions, as well as facing academic challenges.

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  • Movement for becoming your best you24:25
    Movement for becoming your best you

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    This short movement class is ideal for before a big event, or potentially stressful situation or just anytime you want to tune in to 'you', to be the best version of yourself. Great for giving your confidence back. Various simple bodywork, breath and mind techniques are used to enable you to 'ground down' to rise up to being the best version of yourself.

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  • Peace and Passion: Meditation12:00
    Peace and Passion: Meditation

    Mercedes Ngoh

    A beautiful guided meditation practice which focuses on turning attention inward, centering and working with the intention of positivity and turning passion into action. With mudra to help grounding and releasing up to possibilities and beautiful footage of Mercedes' Yeotown retreat.

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  • Body Breath Meditation11:24
    Body Breath Meditation

    Dylan Ayaloo

    Dylan guides us through a simple, seated body, breath meditation. Great for beginner explorers of the mind or those with a regular meditation practice who enjoy participating in a class.

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  • Sleep

    The Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime Report says “half of Britons now say that stress or worry keeps them awake at night (47%), rising to 54% of women (compared to 40% of men) and 57% of singles.” 1 Stop letting stress get in the way of sleep. Yoga lowers cortisol production, which allows your body to get into 'rest and digest' mode. You’ll experience a lower heart and respiration rate, and your blood pressure will drop. Significantly improve your sleep, fatigue, and your quality of life. 2, 3, 4 Try these videos.

    Rest and Digest
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    35:19 Andrea Kwiatkowski Beginners

    A Yin Yoga class to calm and aid the digestive system at the end of the day. This class is perfect for after a stressful day at work, after travelling (especially long-haul flights) and if you want to detox to aid your digestive system. This is not suitable for pregnancy or if you have an existing stomach condition.

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  • Lisa : Breathe and Release08:34
    Lisa : Breathe and Release

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    This yoga class is perfect straight before bed, and can be done in bed to help relax and release and ease yourself into a deep sleep. Lisa guides the breath through the body to help release tension and assist relaxation. This is breath-work and marma point work only, no asana. Recommended for those of us who find it hard to wind down at the end of the day.

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  • Restorative Yoga43:41
    Restorative Yoga

    Clive Fogelman

    A very peaceful restorative class which which great for giving yourself some nurture at the end of a busy day. Great to help you to relax before you go to sleep, only a few, deep poses and plenty of guided visualisations/meditations. You will need cushions or a bolster.

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  • Twilight YINyasa31:39
    Twilight YINyasa

    Liz Lark

    Enjoy this beautiful yin class when you need a bit of a luxurious, supported pick-me-up, for your moon time or just before bed. A fantastic practice if you've had a tough day and you need a bit of TLC. Plenty of ease-ful, supportive poses - all supine or seated, no standing poses for added YIN-tastic vinyasa.

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  • Travel

    Think about how a water bottle expands and contracts on a plane. Yoga can help with digestive problems like feeling stuck after travelling. For those of you whose job description involves time spent in the air, try our videos to help you stimulate the relaxation response - bring blood back to your intestines and re-oxygenate your blood after that drop in cabin pressure.1 Leg stretches and jet lag relief here too!

    After Travel: Digest and Stretch
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    26:32 Zephyr Wildman Beginners

    If your gut sometimes feels sore, uncomfortable or 'stuck' after flying, or driving long journeys, this yoga class is for you. Zephyr leads us through some wonderful poses to assist digestion, help the stomach release any tightness and get some circulation back into the limbs. Also includes an amazing anti-sitting stretch. Definitely worth 30 minutes after your journey to arrive with comfort and ease. A couple of foam blocks would be really useful.

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  • Yoga For Jet Lag25:00
    Yoga For Jet Lag

    Lucy McCarthy

    A gentle, rejeuvenating hatha yoga class ideal for getting your jet-lagged body back to form. With poses great for assisting circulation, reducing swelling and unravelling the hips after long periods of sitting, this yoga class is perfect for grounding after travel. You will need blocks and access to a chair or support to prop the feet up on.

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  • After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore44:35
    After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore

    Kate Walker

    A cleverly sequenced and rather beautiful simple yoga class to restore and rebalance your spine after you have been sitting at a desk, sitting in an aeroplane or driving for long periods of time. Suitable for beginners and those tired after a long day. You will need soft blocks and a strap.

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  •  Post Travel Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Backs33:59
    Post Travel Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Backs

    Zephyr Wildman

    This post-travel sequence is perfect for easing hips, shoulders and backs. Travel does create downward pressure on backs, shoulders and hips, a tightening and weakening of muscles. This class is designed to aliviate pain and discomfort from the travel or from sitting still for lengths of time. A great class after any long journey to stretch out, or indeed after a day sitting in the office.

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  • Life Cycle

    We know that we all have different needs and priorities across generations. The modern employee life cycle is a challenge MFML can help employers with. Whether they need to cater to millennials who want a hangover fix,1 pregnant or post-natal women on PMT,2 employees facing serious illness or life events,3 or folks who are a bit older,4 our Movement can help at any age.

    Trimesters 2 & 3: Goddess Flow
    MoveTime Teacher Level
    12:00 Sally Parkes All Levels

    Here’s the perfect practice to re-energise at the beginning or end of day. Sally leads an up-beat session to open the hips, shoulders and spine with some deep lunges and goddess pose variations. Perfect to re-set the mind and ease the hips particularly where there is sacro-iliac pain.

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  • Cancer Survivors (1): Lymphatic Flow26:01
    Cancer Survivors (1): Lymphatic Flow

    Barbara Gallani

    The focus of this session is to stimulate lymphatic flow through slow movements of the arms and legs and gentle twists, in combination with deep and regular breathing. As the lymphatic system as no organ to pump the lymph around the body, it is important to use movement and breathing to keep the immune system active.

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  • Hangover Yoga12:09
    Hangover Yoga

    Lucy McCarthy

    This short class will restore your body to wellness after any time you feel you have been treating it badly. This gentle class will stimulate your liver and kidneys and relax your nervous system with very gentle yoga and breathing techniques. You will need a block. Thanks to Asquith London for their clothing!

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  • Yoga Through Life's Transitions47:25
    Yoga Through Life's Transitions

    Clare Beagley

    This yoga class teaches us how to transition through change in life, big life changes or the changes which touch us in every day life. This class will have you surfing on your ocean breath and enjoying moving through and greeting change head on. This class is dynamic, but you are encouraged to spend time in transitions and enjoy the process of transitioning, rather than the destination. A strong hip focus and plenty of creative, fun variations on the usual poses. You will need a rolled up mat or a block and a strap.

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