Give a Gift Subscription

Give the gift of wellbeing

Gift a subscription to Movement for Modern Life to someone special, you're giving them access to unlimited online yoga classes with world-class, trusted teachers. You’re giving them access to 1,400+ videos, plus 3 new classes released each week, plus a range of courses and challenges as well access to our friendly Movers group.

This is a Wellbeing Revolution. This is yoga anytime, anywhere and any wear.

Subscribers receive a 50% discount against Gift Subscriptions, so buy your subscription get the gift half price! Subscribe now!

Why Join the Wellbeing Revolution?

Because we believe that class starts when you say. In your time. In your PJ’s, or wherever you are. We believe that we all need a different class on different days.

  • sometimes something feisty
  • sometimes calm and relaxing
  • just been hiking, cycling or ski-ing? You’ll need something to stretch you out
  • feeling overwhelmed? Try our anti-anxiety classes
  • menstruating, pre or post-natal or menopausal? You’ll need something tailor-made for you.

We believe that the right class is there for you for this particular moment of this particular day; you don’t need to accept the one-size-fits-all, because when it comes to our bodies, there is no one size!

Is the person you'd like to gift completely new to yoga? A subscription gives them free access to our Yoga for Beginners course to help kick-start their new habit.

Your Gift

The lucky recipient will become part of the Movement for Modern Life community; challenging and inspiring us to live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives. We believe in fitting everyday movement and breathing into lives without any hassle.