Give a Gift Subscription

There's nothing like the gift of movement and better health.

By gifting a subscription to Movement for Modern Life to someone special, you're giving them access to unlimited online yoga classes with the best instructors. This is yoga anytime, anywhere and any wear.

Who could benefit the most? 

  • Those who can't fit yoga studio time into their busy schedules
  • Those looking to develop a self yoga practice
  • Those who travel often
  • Those who suffer from desk-bound bodies 
  • Those who haven't moved in a long time and need some motivation
  • Those who love yoga and can't get enough of it

With a subscription to the site, you have access to unlimited classes from the best instructors in the UK and beyond. Our website lets you filter rich video content based on specific benefits, styles, teachers and duration. Our content caters to all levels, from the super bendy to those who haven't moved in years. Each week, we add new videos to our growing database and feature them in our newsletter. 

Our video selection includes programmes for:

  • Basics for Beginners
  • Back & Shoulders
  • Pregancy & Post-Natal
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Better Sleep & Morning Energisers
  • Travel SOS
  • Yoga with Kids
  • Yoga for Work
  • Yoga for Athletes 

Is the person you'd like to gift completely new to yoga? 

A subscription gives them free access to our 21 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge to help kick-start their new habit. 

Your Gift 

The lucky recipient will become part of the Movement for Modern Life community, which is all about inviting, challenging and inspiring individuals to live a fuller version of their lives. We believe in fitting everyday movement and breathing into lives without any hassle. They will receive a welcome email and access to all our transformational programmes and expert teachers. Read our manifesto

Gift subscriptions are 50% discount for existing subscribers. Subscribe now!