Age is a relative concept. Whilst we don’t believe there is any one appropriate yoga for seniors, we do believe that maintaining movement as we age is vital.

The Ageless Movement course is made up of six parts and is designed to offer various physical, emotional and mental practises that support us as we move through midlife.

Consider this course a companion, inviting you on a journey through the decades with a sense of play, an open-mind, curiosity and self-compassion.

32 varied Movement and Meditation Practises:

  • Chair Yoga Practises
  • Qigong Series for Vitality and Health
  • Restorative Practises to find calm
  • Mediation to connect to your body
  • Articles and Podcasts on positive ageing and letting go.

Every week we will send you an email that offers an exploration of a different approach to movement as you age. There will be a selection of classes for you to try during the week. You are also welcome to use this course at your own pace, exploring the classes that resonate with you and your needs day by day.

Whether you’re already into yoga or are keen to give it a go, Movement for Modern Life’s Ageless Movement programme is one to try. A series of online classes to do in your own time, it’ll improve flexibility, joint mobility, balance and strength as well as boosting mood, supporting sleep and enhancing cognitive and cardiovascular function.


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