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The Cellular Renewal Online Retreat

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That post-holiday or post-retreat feeling, you know the one ”“ grounded, glowing, cleansed, renewed. What if you could have that feeling now, without going anywhere?

You absolutely can. We’ve teamed up with Better Raw, featuring recipes from ”˜Purified’, and London’s best yoga and wellbeing practitioners to bring you our most exciting project to date ”“ the Cellular Renewal Online Retreat.

This deeply intelligent, holistic and supportive seven-day cleanse is designed purify, restore and supercharge your system on a cellular level, preparing you for an empowered, energised 2015. And you don’t need to book a flight.

The Cellular Renewal Online Retreat combines delicious raw food with transformative daily yoga and wellbeing practices to deeply cleanse, nourish and restore your body and mind.

“This is not about just about losing weight. This is about really allowing the body to renew on a deeper level. Our unique programme allows you to truly detox, heal and repair. End result? You’ll be the best version of yourself both inside and out.”
”” Kat Farrants, Movement for Modern Life


“I believe a detox is not only about getting the bad stuff out, it is about rebuilding your body, your cells and your youth, which requires getting the good stuff in.”
”” Tanya Alekseeva, Better Raw

Included in your retreat package:

A seven-day ”˜Cell Food’ meal plan and recipes from Better Raw

These creative and easy-to-make raw dishes work to alkalise, nourish and refuel your body. Expect lots of lovely leafy greens, nutty snacks and gorgeous smoothies. Eat as much as you like ”“ this isn’t a fast.

A daily 40-minute ”˜Get Cellular’ practice with Lizzie Reumont

This powerful daily intention setting, guided meditation and Jivamukti-inspired yoga sequence works to clear emotional debris and cleanse and heal the mind and body at a cellular level. Every day we will also suggest alternative movement practices.

Wellbeing advice and daily practices from naturopath Merran Lusher

Every day of the retreat, Merran will share enlightening natural wellbeing information ”“ from quality water and digital detoxing to the importance of regulating blood sugar ”“ as well as detoxifying daily practices to include in your retreat.

Support and guidance from the team and Cellular Renewal community

The key to truly effective mind-body cleansing is support. Not only will the Movement For Modern Life Team be joining the retreat, we’ll be sharing our experiences, tips and tricks, and hanging out for detox chats on the Cellular Renewal Facebook group.

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Why you deserve a retreat

This unique cellular cleansing programme is designed to create healthy vibrant cells, transforming the way you feel, inside and out. These are just a few of the benefits:

  • A slimmer, lighter body and radiant skin
  • Renewed energy, mental clarity and focus for the year ahead
  • An established wellbeing practice to support you throughout the year
  • A feeling of presence, contentment and aliveness
  • A strong, renewed immune system to protect you from winter colds and bugs.

How the retreat works

It’s simple ”“ we send everything you need for the retreat straight to your inbox. That includes your daily raw food recipes, meditation, yoga practice and wellness inspiration. It also includes guidance for getting clear on your intentions for the week, detox-supporting supplements and shopping lists. This is one all-inclusive retreat.

The team answers your questions

Kat’s answer:

I don’t know about you, but often I don’t treat my body like it’s a temple. In fact, I usually treat it like it’s a vehicle. And in the fast lane, most of the time. I usually just expect my body to keep up with my ludicrously busy life and then I’ll be surprised if my immune-system suffers or I show signs of stress. The cells my body is continuously producing aren’t the best ”“ they’re produced in an environment of stress on my system ”“ food eaten on the hoof and days often starting with a toxic cup of coffee and often ending with a glass of wine. So I need to commit to making positive change. And I bet I’m not alone. I can’t wait for my cells to have the opportunity to renew properly, I can’t wait for my skin to feel better, my body to feel lighter and for that energy high. I need this Cellular Renewal Retreat because I just can’t get the opportunity to get away. I can’t wait to get cracking, and I’ll be posting my retreat video diary entries on the group Facebook page.

Tanya’s answer:

Each day, our bodies turns over billions of cells. Through our food and wellbeing choices, we decide if the replacement cells are vibrant. The quality of the replacement cells relies on the building materials available when new cells are being created. We can choose to fight inflammation and enhance cell regeneration through the foods we eat. This cellular renewal cleanse is all about cleaning, restoring and nourishing from inside out, helping your cells protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health and vitality.

A key part of a cellular renewal programme includes the avoidance or at least reduced exposure to chemicals. In today’s modern world we are bombarded with synthetic substances. and potentially toxic chemicals which can deplete cells’ opportunity to replenish and renew to their full potential. From the city air that we breathe to our water, additives, flavourings and preservatives found in our food and beverages, to the lotions and potion we apply to our skin. In this modern age, toxic overload is more prevalent now than ever before.

Tanya’s answer:

Heating food above 47ºC destroys enzymes. More heat destroys many vitamins and nutrients. And even more (most cooking) dramatically diminishes amino acids and antioxidants. This leaves us with sad, nutritionally deprived meals and tired, nutritionally deprived bodies. The body overworks itself to produce more enzymes for metabolism, which slows digestion, accelerates the aging process and invites disease. Raw, living foods are enzyme central. They practically digest themselves and aid in clearing toxins at maximum speed, naturally. We recommend buying organic fruit and veg to help keep your body (and our environment) free from nasty pesticides. You won’t be going hungry! Instead you will be mineralising to strengthen the immune system and giving your body a break from doing all the digestive work that is required when eating cooked foods.

Lizzie’s answer:

A large part of a program such as a detox or the cellular renewal retreat is mental. The mind is so clever at inventing ways to take us out of our practice and into short-term desires that do not necessarily help us to feel good in the long term. Food cravings are one example of this, as is deciding not do to a yoga practice just because we may feel tired. Meditation and intention help to bring us back to both the present moment, as well as to the bigger picture. Meditation is a practice of building awareness; it enables us to look at the messages we tell ourselves and also to better understand the nature of the mind. When we decide that we want to feel better about ourselves, have more energy, and renew from the inside out, the intention helps us to focus on achieving that goal and cutting out the things that do not contribute to it.

What will the movement practice be?

We recommend that you follow the same yoga practice each day of the cleanse. The practice is Jivamukti style and intention-led rather physically complex, so it is a easy to follow sequence based on postures that loosen the parts of the body where energy is stuck and held on account of poor diet, or anxiety, namely, the hips, digestive organs, chest and shoulders. The sequence itself will focus on twists, hip, chest and shoulder openers, and will be demonstrated by an advanced, and a beginning practitioner, so variations will be given enabling all levels of practitioner to be challenged. However, we also give a daily alternative suggestion if for whatever reason, you don’t feel that this Jivamukti class suits you.

It is important to note that during detox, the body is releasing chemical and emotional toxins, and often there is a dramatic shift in energy levels from day to day. In the beginning of a renewal process, one may have an energy surge due to all of the good nutrients being pumped into the body and the adrenaline of starting something new with a strong intention.

Merran’s answer:

Supplements aren’t a necessity for this retreat. However, if you want to step it up a gear, then supplements are the best way to enhance and deepen your cellular renewal plan. With a vast spectrum of nutrients and herbs to chose from, many people are best to suited to a tailor made health care programme under the close advise of a naturopath or nutritionist. To keep it safe and simple, I recommend the Patrick Holford 9 Day Detox Pack. This product is designed to help cleanse and rejuvenate your body by supporting the digestive system and liver. It contains a unique 3-step detoxification support, which enhances the efficiency of the process, broken down into liver, digestive and antioxidant support.

Meet the team

Kat Farrants is the Founder of Movement for Modern Life, a yogi for over 20 years, former city solicitor, yoga teacher and entrepreneur, and is passionate about making yoga and wellbeing accessible to all.


Better Raw is owned by Tanya Maher (nee Alekseeva) ”“ international detox and raw food expert, wellness coach and owner of raw food restaurant and superfood cocktail bar Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea.


Lizzie Reumont is one of London’s leading Jivamukti Yoga teachers. A liver transplant in 2013 has brought an extra dimension of healing and self-care into her teachings.



Merran Lusher is an expert in her field and registered naturopath medical nutritionist, medical herbalist, homeopath and writer, specialising in women's health, fertility and beyond.


Did we mention?

The Cellular Renewal Online cleanse is FREE to current Movement for Modern Life subscribers. And for new subscribers, just £37.

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