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  • Sugar Detox15:00
    Sugar Detox

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    This first sugal detox class balances the metabolism to give a natural boost instead of a sugar ‘high’. It’s full of juicy twists and forward bends and a perfect 15 min booster for a mid-afternoon low. Instead of reaching for that sweet snack try this sweet yoga class. You may like to use a bolster and have a chair handy.

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  • Sugar Detox 232:02
    Sugar Detox 2

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    This second sugar detox yoga class is a sweet treat to help 'rest & digest' and particularly helps with anxiety or tension. A flowing, gentle class with lots of deep lunges, twists and thigh stretches to help improve the digestion and settle the nervous system. Practice includes the 3-part breath and a sumptuous restorative with the legs on a chair. Props: You will need a chair or a clear wall and might need a block.

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  • Sugar Detox 320:08
    Sugar Detox 3

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    Revolution from the inside! This third level of the sugar detox series includes breath work (pranayama) and some more advanced poses, all focusing on twisting. The twists detoxify and focus on an inner cleansing and digestive health. For relaxation you may want to use a bolster.

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    Upward Dog Upgrade


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    Beginners 1: Move with the breath
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