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It is crucial that you keep centred and strong in your yoga practice. Flexibility without strength coming from a powerful centre of integrity is really only half the story. Make sure that every practice, and everything you do in life comes from a position of strength, power and a strong sense of you. You’ll be much less prone to injury.

With a powerful, strong centre you will be able to access stability and strength in every area of your life.

With these daily yoga practices - plus tips and information about the importance of a powerful center for creating stability in every area of your life - you'll notice your body, your practice, and your sense of moving throughout your life from a position of strength and courage.

Have fun, enjoy that beautiful burn, feel the strength and power. Oh, and  did we mention that your abs may start to look pretty hot too.


  • Fallen Angel45:17
    Fallen Angel

    Vidya Heisel

    A more advanced well rounded vinyasa sequence with a focus on twisting and getting ready for systematic preparation for three arm balances: side crane (Parsva Bakasana), scissors (Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1) and, for the advanced, Fallen Angel (advanced variation of Parsva Bakasana). With modification and step by step instruction for help to get to the more advanced poses. Enjoy, and go mindfully and at your own pace. You may need a strap and block.

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