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You know yoga. We at Movement for Modern Life know and are passionate about yoga. We know how much it has helped us in our lives.

These videos will help you do more yoga in your own time. No more rushing to class. Phew!



  • Cultivating Our Inner Light42:26
    Cultivating Our Inner Light

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A beautiful flow to open the heart, warm the back and still the mind. In the Yoga Sutra, the busy mind is described as quieting down through a number of ways: lengthening the breath, concentration on objects, or on experiences in deep sleep or dream states. It is also suggested that the mind can be quieted by concentration on the ever-present source of light that is believed to dwell inside the human heart. This light grows brighter when we do practices – like polishing a jewel that begins to shine and reflects the light all around it. We’ll look at ways to work with sunlight and moonlight in this fluid vinyasa-based sequence, and help awaken the source of light within each of us.

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