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These practices are specifically designed by our expert teachers to help you to sleep. They will reduce the anxieties and stress of the day and bring you to a more meditative state which will give you a much better night's sleep.

You may be surprised at how little movements in the right direction can really affect the quality of your life, improve your night and the next day. Guaranteed.



  • Better Sleep: Morning Energiser38:00
    Better Sleep: Morning Energiser

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    Not slept a wink? Feeling tired and out of sorts? Need strength to face the day? Let Lisa guide you through this nourishing morning sequence for slow-building energy for the day. Tips and advice about how to move and breath in ways that will sustain you throughout the day and make for a restful nights sleep. Part of the Better Sleep series and compliment to Lisa’s evening practices.

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