Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo (BSc, MSc, Senior Teacher) offers you yoga practices and experiences that peel away physical tension to develop greater insight into your body, emotions, soul and spirit. Her insightful guidance helps you build your awareness, physical healing and sustainable strength of character. She is dedicated to bringing you enjoyable challenges- with principles and inspiration drawn from biomechanical alignment, alchemical traditions, energy anatomy, depth psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.

Her teaching is based in two decades of asana, pranyama and meditation practice. Her yoga therapeutics background and 6 years of training in transpersonal (soul and spirit centred) counselling and psychotherapy revolutionised her teaching, creating a depth of field that students find palpably transformative. As a health and psychology writer with two books one published in 2019 and one scheduled for 2020, and a scholarly book chapter in Yoga for Mental Health, she teaches clearly and concisely, with compassion and creativity.

Her teachers include many in the Anusara yoga tradition and latterly John Stirk; psychotherapy training at CCPE in London, apprenticeship with Anodea Judith, and past collaboration with the neuroscience and research-based Minded Institute. Lisa co-teaches the triyoga Teacher Training with Erika Tourell and teaches Yoga Therapy for Insomnia + Sleep Recovery on the faculty of the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma and as continuing professional development for teachers.

Courses with Lisa

  • The Sleep Challenge
    The Sleep Challenge

    16 Steps

    Because there is nothing better than a good night’s rest: yoga, aromatherapy, breath work and more.

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  • Sleep Recovery
    Sleep Recovery

    7 Steps

    Restore your rest with Lisa Sanfilippo's Sleep Recovery series.

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  • Before Bed
    Before Bed

    30 Steps

    Shorter classes perfect to get you ready for a good night's sleep.

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  • Yoga for Anxiety
    Yoga for Anxiety

    45 Steps

    Yoga for AnxietyThere are times when life can leave us overwhelmed and anxious. Yoga, meditation and visualisation, breathwork and journaling can help.This is a four-week course to help you address your relationship to anxiety. In this course you will find:28 yoga classesBreathwork classes including an SOS breathwork classMeditation classesJournaling an [...]

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