Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa's yoga classes open the body progressively, inspire the mind, and speak to the heart of what’s deeply valuable about yoga and living this life. Lisa works with the body’s alignment at a very deep level, helping students to feel freer, heal injuries and annoying pains, and develop a stronger sense of body-mind awareness. Lisa shows students ways to link practice on the mat with ways to live more skilfully and with more consciousness. Classes are by turns upbeat and inviting, or resonant and contemplative, always encouraging curiosity, enjoyment, and a sense of possibility. Lisa has been on the yoga path since the late 90s, and since 2002, has been grounded in Anusara Yoga. Her main teachers include Sianna Sherman and Zhenja LaRosa, and she has trained intensively to a high level in the Anusara style. Lisa has learnt Tantric philosophy from Dr. Douglas Brooks (University of Rochester, NY) and from Carlos Pomeda for several years.

Lisa's online yoga classes are here at Movement for Modern Life, but also check out her regular classes and workshops at the Life Centre.

Lisa's challenge:

  • The Sleep Challenge

    7 Steps

    Sleep has been proven to be one of the key factors in your optimum health, and yoga, meditation and breathing can be key to improving your sleep health. Because there is simply nothing better than a good night’s rest, we’ve got a 7-Day Challenge with yoga classes for the morning to get you moving and evening classes to help you to relax. We think that at the end of this challenge your snooze-time is bound to be better.

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