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We know that yoga can seem intimidating and can seem like it’s a million miles away from what is attainable, achievable or even fun.

We also firmly believe that it really doesn’t matter how long your hamstrings are or whether you can touch your knees or toes or if you’re already in the cirque de soleil. Really that’s not what yoga is about. So what is yoga about?

To Movement for Modern Life, yoga is simply a tool. It is a tool which is guaranteed to make you feel better. Guaranteed. Starting with a little stretch and a little strength, you will find you feel a lot better in your body, and then you may start to breathe. You may start to feel some space in your head. In your life. You may start to feel that things feel possible that you never even knew were. But don’t take our word for it. Just get moving. Forwards ever, backwards never. Get moving and keep on moving a little bit every day. We have online yoga videos to e... Show more


  • Take a Break: Yoga & Qigong Part1:  Exhale + Sooth 21:59
    Take a Break: Yoga & Qigong Part1: Exhale + Sooth

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Take a short break from studies or your work. Much of our body’s tension is muscular, but actually, what the muscles and our body crave when we feel tight is deep, satisfying breaths.This short practice releases tension by focusing on exhaling fully and uses Burmese qigong, chest and shoulder openings and forward folds to calm and sooth the mind. Perfect for taking a break to release tension during the day, but also great after a hard day's work. Clothing by Rumi X.

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