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Travelling takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Whether you're you're fighting jet lag after a long flight of or spending endless hours on the road, this special Travel SOS video series will help you unravel and unwind so you can feel amazing as you embark on your journey.


  • Your Daily Shoulder, Neck & Head Practice17:51
    Your Daily Shoulder, Neck & Head Practice

    Adam Hocke

    This short yoga class mobilises, strengthens, and relaxes the shoulders and neck through their full range of motion. This is so important for our sedentary lives, and is a vital class for when you've ben busy at work, when you're feeling overwhelmed or when you're travelling. Additionally, you will give yourself a face, head, and jaw massage to help you release tension and find calm. Practise this class regularly as a preparation for your time on your mat or simply to feel good in your body. You will need a yoga brick or block.

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